Canyoning in the heart of the land

Every year, new sites are explored and equipped in Italy where you can enjoy this sport and discover otherwise unreachable gorges and canyons. In the Alps, along the Apennines or on the islands: there are so many scenarios for venturing into slots or cracks in the land that streams and rivers often creep into. These places must be enjoyed in groups and always with expert guides who know all the local secrets and pitfalls. The experience is breath-taking, especially when suddenly finding yourself "inside" the land, with light filtering from above in a surreal atmosphere. Not to mention climbs, dives in natural pools of rare beauty, descents and ascents of scenic waterfalls.

Trentino: the infinite colours of the River Chiese

The incredible variety of colours, shades, changing light and river beds give the natural pools along the River Chiese flowing through Trentino from its source in the Adamello Group their own distinct charm. It all unfolds with different levels of difficulty, ensuring enjoyment for everyone.

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Friuli Venezia Giulia: the furrows of history

After walking for about half an hour through the woods, we reach the Fleons Gorge, a canyon home to the Degano Stream (its pure mineral water is also bottled at the source spring). As we continue along the Val Fleons, we also encounter First World War trenches and fortifications.

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Abruzzo: in the shadow of Gran Sasso

Canyoning in the Salinello Gorges means spending an exciting day in one of the finest nature reserves in Central Italy, in turn part of the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park. Long, deep and narrow stretches with rock walls up to 200 m high and numerous pools: several waterfalls complete the scenario - some are ideal for diving, others best descended with ropes.

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Liguria: strolling through the centuries

Whatever the season, this corner of Liguria is always astonishing thanks to unique morphology: thousands of years of erosion by the stream crossing the Val Gargassa (in the larger Beigua Park) has shaped the canyon and its green pools. These exceptional geological features saw Beigua become one of Italy's UNESCO Geoparks.

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Sardinia: from land to sea

Definitely for expert explorers, Bacu Padente (a Sardinian term for forests or woods) is a limestone canyon crossing the heart of the Ogliastra area down to the sea of the Gulf of Orosei. The view is totally stunning, over the coast famous for its emerald waters, cliffs and coves set in a rugged and wild territory.

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