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Cultural cities

Procida: an island of culture

The coveted appointment of Italian Capital of Culture 2022 was awarded the first time to an island - a delightful destination and meeting place ready to enchant visitors.

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A poetic cultural project with a well-structured programme saw Procida - also on the strength of its timeless charm - appointed as Italian Capital of Culture 2022: this will surely increase the appeal of a destination already much loved by travellers, writers and film-makers.

The calendar of events is being constantly updated

The calendar of events is being constantly updated

Numerous proposals embracing culture, art and music will welcome visitors throughout the year to this enchanting island. And there's more: meetings, conferences, exhibitions and installations. Everything follows three guidelines underlying the "Culture does not isolate" programme: "Lighthouse Projects" to promote urban transformation, regeneration and revitalization dynamics, "Anchor Projects" to investigate the cultural heritage and "Community Projects" to build community solidarity, social assets and personal relationships. 

The "Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean / Biennale des Jeunes Créateurs de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée", for example, involves 25 young artists from the Mediterranean area (April-September) and is just one example of the international dimension of the events. Appointments include theatre, cinema and literature proposals, such as "Oper(A)mare" (3-25 June) with performances of two operas with the choir of the Fondazione Teatro San Carlo - which can even be enjoyed from a boat or one of the balconies overlooking the Marina di Corricella. Other scheduled events include "ArteCinema" (July 1-3) with documentaries about Bansky, Picasso, Marina Abramovich and Renzo Piano. Visitors can also book a place for "MarEtica" (8-11 September), an event launched by Alessandro Baricco where literature interweaves with the island's nautical-sporting vocation.

A truly unique stage setting

A truly unique stage setting

A sumptuous stage setting: many actors and directors have fallen in love with Procida over time and have shot memorable pages in international cinema here. Special mention goes to "The Postman" by Michael Radford with Massimo Troisi, as well as "The Talented Mr. Ripley" with Matt Damon. Further proof of Procida's absolute charm came in 2015 when Apple and Microsoft precisely chose to use images of the colourful island village to highlight the colour rendering of the screens for the iPhone 6S (Jobs) and SurfacePro4 tablet (Gates). Once the ferry has docked, you will truly be unable to resist the wonder of these places, where the air smells of salt and tiny alleys with narrow steps lead up to the amazingly colourful town.

The inhabited area is divided into nine districts: Corricella (the fishermen's village reflected in the sea) is perhaps the best known and most evocative - but do take the time to discover all the others as well. Many people suggest that the most beautiful (and most instagram-like) scene can be enjoyed from the Callìa Belvedere: it offers an incomparable view over the sea, with the island of Capri in the background. The Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo (Procida's patron saint) is well worth a visit: founded in 1026 and developed over the centuries. its current structure was commissioned by Cardinal D'Avalos in the mid-XVI century. The basement has a permanent XVIII century Nativity Scene, with figurines in of wood and terracotta by master artisans from Naples. As already mentioned, there are many things to see, do and enjoy in this corner of paradise in the Gulf of Naples - and even more so during 2022, when Italian and international culture will fill these streets and squares in close contact with people.

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