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Gole del Raganello Nature Reserve


Natural canyons in the Pollino National Park

Within the Pollino National Park in Calabria lies the wonderful Gole del Raganello Nature Reserve. Established in 1987, this protected area is home to numerous habitats essential for the survival of certain species. The Raganello torrent runs ruggedly between two majestic rock faces, smoothed by the waters over the centuries: the Timpa di Porace-Cassano and the Timpa di San Lorenzo, which together form an amazing canyon.

With a height difference of between 600 and 700 metres, there are three main routes within the Reserve: the High Gorges, the Low Gorges and the Intermediate Gorges. But be careful: the trails require a certain amount of preparation and some safety equipment, such as helmets, ropes and carabiners. 

The first route, also known as the Barile Gorge, is the highest point of the canyon and the one with the wildest and most unspoilt views. The second, easily reached from the neighbouring municipality of Civita, is the one with the largest water stretches. As its name suggests, the third route lies in the middle of the other two gorges. Being the longest, it requires a certain level of fitness, but all the effort will be repaid by the breathtaking views.

Gole del Raganello Nature Reserve

87070 Cosenza CS, Italia

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