Centro storico di Firenze

Florence represents one of the most charming and  important art cities in Italy, visited every year by thousands of tourists from all around the world. 
Florentia, this is its ancient name, is the town that marked the history of our country and of Europe, it's no coincidence that Florence became, for a few years, the capital of Italy. 
Cradle of Italian language and culture, it represents the symbol of Renaissance as well, Florence experienced the greatest  splendor during the fifteenth and the sixteenth century in reason of its political power and of its rich cultural and artistic flowering.
During the Medici Dynasty and in particular during the Lordship of Lorenzo il Magnifico and Cosimo I, the town became one of the most important cultural poles of attraction in Europe.
Florence has been inscribed on UNESCO's prestigious World Heritage List, its historical town center gathers monuments, religious buildings, architectural works and gardens that are unique in the all world, designed by ingenious artists such as  Giotto, Brunelleschi, Michelangelo and many others. The Piazza del Duomo is the ideal starting point for those who wish to visit the cathedral, the magnificent Giotto's Campanile, the baptistery  and  the Opera del Duomo museum. 
The itinerary goes on toward the historical Piazza della Signoria or Palazzo Vecchio continuing across the others town masterpieces: the Uffizi Gallery, unique in the world for the art treasures it contains, the Santa Croce Church adorned with Giotto's frescos, Santa Maria Novella with its rich decorations and many others monuments of great value.
Florence means also a walk along the Arno river, that runs through it, and a walk on the Ponte Vecchio, the most ancient bridge in town, full of small shops and historical workshops. Then Palazzo Pitti with its Boboli Gardens and the church of San Miniato al Monte are additional attractions not to be missed. Moreover you have also enchanting landscapes, good gastronomy and excellent wines, these are all good reasons that make Florence an unmissable destination.