Genoa and its sea share an indissoluble bond. 
In ancient times its port was the gateway to the city's main crossroads of peoples and cultures.
The Lanterna, in all its 249 feet, is perhaps the most significant emblem of the sea's dominant role in the history of Genoa and its people. Today the Lanterna is a museum that unconventionally conveys the "Genoese" spirit. Genova
The ancient port, extending over 130,000 square meters, has of late been the subject of a massive restructuring and modernization project, in the aim of making an international touristic attraction.
The project has been entrusted to Renzo Piano, Italian architect of world fame, who in 2004 presented his vision, "avant projet," for the transformation of this iconic city landmark. 
Piano has already realized the famous Bubble for the City of Genoa, a structure in steel and glass that houses an authentic tropical environment. 

Alongside it stands another one of the city's prides and joys, that every year attracts thousands of visitors: the Aquarium, where fun and entertainment combine with environmental learning and awareness, offering a comprehensive program suitable for all ages.
Other than the Aquarium, visitors can enjoy the Hummingbird Forest, the Biosphere, the Galata Maritime Museum and a panoramic lift that shoots up to 131 feet above sea level. Not to be left out is the Children's City accessible from the Aquarium by way of a peculiar little train!