Le Isole Tremiti

Karst cliffs, lush vegetation, crystal clear water, pleasant locations, places of faith and genuine flavors are the main elements defining the area of Gargano (Region of Apulia), the "spur" of boot-shaped Italy. 

A pearl in nature, Gargano isa protected site within the National Park that includes the Foresta Umbra, the marine reserve of the Tremiti Islands and the coastal Lakes of Lesina and Varano. Nature trails abound, perfect for exploring and admiring the lush vegetation that gives shelter to the many animal and bird species. Tremiti san NicolaA nocturnal hike in the Foresta Umbra can be quite exciting. Led by trained personnel, it is most likely a very different experience from what you are used to - immerse yourself completely in the sounds and scents of this precious ecosystem. Nearby, Lake Varano is the largest lake in southern Italy.

The many seaside resorts treat you to a vacation along the coast. Rodi Garganico revels in the scent of orange blossoms, and offers a spectacular view up to the Tremiti Islands. Peschici is a village perched on a high cliff, overlooking the sea. Vieste, with its narrow alleys and suggestive ups-and-downs, is crowned by arches and white as snow. And Mattinata is surrounded by an expanse of centuries-old olive groves. 

In front of Gargano lies a miniature paradise surrounded by the blue sea: the Tremiti are a small island chain that contains a compact yet diverse microcosm. Three are the islands - San Nicola, San Domino and Capraia - and together with some impressive rocks, they constitute the Marine Reserve, a real wonder of nature for diving enthusiasts. But really, all who happen here will be awe-inspired by these waters. Caves, gorges, and sea fans - all relics of a distant past when these parts were crossed by trade routes, they represent the best that can be offered to those who love exploring under the sea. 

The Island of San Domino is the largest, featuring rugged coastlines and wondrous grottoes, like those of Viole, Sole and Bue Marino (The Caves of the Violets, the Caves of the Sun and the Caves of the Sea Calf). 
Evocative sunsets can be admired from the Island of San Nicola where, at sunset, a soft rosy color paints the whole panorama. Those into photography can capture truly remarkable images. 

A dive reserved for the more experienced  - due to its great depths and strong currents - is the one organized at Punta Secca, on the Isle of Capraia

Apart from diving, the islands also offer a mainland ripe for trekking and strolling: admire the intensity and variety of the local nature in all its wonders!