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Paesaggio Italia

16.02.2013 - 12.05.2013

Photos d'auteur by Maurizio Galimberti realized during his Tour of Italy

The Veneto Institute of Letters and Art Sciences is promoting Paesaggio Italia ("Italy Landscape"), a significant exhibit by Maurizio Galimberti that puts on display more than 150 images by the photographer. Venice's Palazzo Franchetti is to host a review of his research, essentially a narration and rediscovery of the Bel Paese (begun in the early 1990s and refined in time). Galimberti chose his localities based on both their importance and the special sentiments that they held for him. 

The result is a certified kaleidoscope of photographic shots, made up of unique scenes and landscapes that recount the wandering itineraries of the artist. Dedicated to places, spaces, sceneries and horizons, his images make for a different and unexpected point of view on this country. Architecture, cityscape, and passing faces create a background for single Polaroid snapshots arranged as a mosaic. 

For the first time an exposition and book document Galimberti's as-yet unpublished Grand Tour; together, each element shows off the singular techniques and expressions through which he views the world.

Useful information

Tuesday to Sunday, 10 AM - 7 PM
Closed Monday
Special opening Monday, April 1st

How to get there

Where: Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti - Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti

City: Venice
Address: Campo Santo Stefano 2842
Region: Veneto