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The Living Nativity of Alberobello

26.12.2012 - 30.12.2012

42nd edition of the Living Nativity of Alberobello, December 26 to 30

Living Nativity of Alberobello has continued to animate the setting of the nearby Aia Piccola zone for almost 20 years. Aia Piccola is the oldest part of this village that, with its 400 cone-topped houses, makes up the true historic center of Alberobello, the Capital of Apulia's famous trulli.
Alberobello's Living Nativity will be a sort of interactive theatrical museum, with over 230 personages: and, visitors can participate as Nativity scene characters themselves. Along with the actors, they will move through this reproduction of late-1800s Alberobello, making their way through sidestreets and alleyways aglow with the light from torches and oil lamps, even taking script in hand to deliver an important message (messages and theme change each year).

Then, over 30 "casedde" or houses, long in disuse, are to be reopened for the occasion, putting the by now forgotten methods of ancient trades on display: the weaver, the plate maker, the chair stuffer, blacksmith, shoemaker, stable boy, and romantic lamplighter, together with other roles that have evolved through time, like the chimney sweep, the blade sharpener, the miller, baker, metalworker, carpenter, watchmaker, and many others.
Traditions from the past come to life, as do rather antique adages and proverbs, through the continuous interaction between the engaging players and their intrigued guests. 

Useful information

Tel. 333.5222150


How to get there

Where: Aia Piccola Zone
City: Alberobello
Address: Via Duca degli Abruzzi
Province: Bari
Region: Apulia