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Augustus: The Exhibit

18.10.2013 - 09.02.2014

The Scuderie del Quirinale pays homage to Rome’s first Emperor

Two-thousand years after the death of Augustus, Rome’s Scuderie del Quirinale pay tribute to the Emperor with an exhibit that highlights the most important scenes from his personal life and compares them - with a parallel timeline – to the beginnings of a new historical epoch for the Empire. 
By way of a prestigious artistic selection (with approximately 200 works, including statues, portraits, domestic decor, bronze and glass, and gold and stone jewelry), the exhibit offers a tour that weaves Augustus's life and career with the fragments of a new culture and new artistic language within Western Civilization.

The most striking section of the exhibit is that containing the enormous statues of the Emperor, all reunited for the first time: the Augustus of Via Labicana (held in Rome’s Palazzo Massimo alle Terme), and the Augustus of Prima Porta from the Vatican Museums, the undisputed icon of Romanità. One wing of the Scuderie hosts a series of artworks symbolizing the flourish of the Empire's Golden Age: the Grimani Reliefs, depicting wild animals (on loan from the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna and from the Museo di Palestrina), and the original Greek works of the Niobid painters, during the Augustan age installed in Rome’s Gardens of Sallust. 
Sculptural groups, representatives of the figurative language of Augustus’s era, stand next to the interiors of the domus vesuviane and dowry jewels – all composing the exposition’s central nucleus, which concludes with themes on Augustus’s death. 

Useful information

Tel. +39.06.39967500

Full Price € 12
Reduced € 9.50

How to get there

Where: Scuderie del Quirinale
City: Rome
Address: Via XXIV Maggio 16
Region: Lazio