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“Killer Joe” by Tracy Letts is staged at Teatro Vascello

06.04.2010 - 25.04.2010

From 6 April to 25 April “Killer Joe”, will be staged by young actors of the Academy of the dramatic art Silvio D’amico.

Francesco Montanari in Killer Joe (

Francesco Montanari in Killer Joe

The interpreters of “Killer Joe” are young Italian emergent actors graduated at the Academy of the dramatic art Silvio D’amico of Rome; it is a drama between a thriller and comedy written by the Pulitzer award Tracy Letts. I am Francesco Montanari (26 years old), the “libanese” in the serial TV “Romanzo Criminale”; Alessandro Marventi (25) and Andrea Ricciardi (23) both in the cast of “Romanzo Criminale”; Patrizia Ciabatta (26) and Federica Marchetti (28) who played a part in “Whale Music” of the Oscar award Anthony Minghella. From the stage, the actors express the noir humour that Letts wanted for its “Killer Joe”, it seems to follow (it has been written in 1992)  the atmospheres of Quentin Tarantino and the style of Coen brothers. It is a portrait of the human being brought back to its elementary drives, it makes us laugh, it makes our blood run cold and makes us thinking about the liability of the family before  the ancient binomial sex and money. The translation and the adaptation are by Giampaolo G. Rugo and the direction is by Massimiliano Farau. Killer Joe is the first Letts’ work to be performed in Italy.

Useful information

Killer Joe will be performer at the Teatro Vascello in Rome - Via G. Carini 78 (for further information call +39 06 5881021 or the website every evening from Tuesday to Saturday at 9 pm and Sunday at 5 pm.
The full-price ticket is 20 €, and the reduced ticket 15 €; for groups with at least 10 people and university students the price is 12 €.

How to get there

By car:
Motorway A1 coming from the South
Motorway A 24 coming from the East
Motorway A 12 e A1 coming from the North

By train:
Rome main train station Termini (

By plane:
international airport of Rome Fiumicino