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Carnival in Fano

26.01.2013 - 12.02.2013

One of Italy’s oldest carnivals, both beautiful and sweet!

The Carnival of Fano, dating back to 1347, is the oldest carnival in Italy, after that of Venice. Legend holds that it was born after the reconciliation of two of the town’s important families at the time, the Dal Casseros and Da Carignanos.
Fano’s Carnival distinguishes itself for at least three original elements:  the launching of candy from the parade floats to the crowd (called the getto); the characteristic Vulons or masks caricaturing the city’s most famous personages; and the "Musica Arabita," the colorful and quirky musical group that has sounded on pots, pans and coffee cans since 1923.
The parade of Carnival floats – traditionally made by Fano’s artisans using papier-mache – concludes with an extremely evocative moment: that of the illumination, a gorgeous party filled with lights and colors. 

Be sure not to miss: the traditional Fat Thursday party on February 7th, when the keys to the city are handed over to the "Mayor of the City" of Carnival 2013; the parade of floats on Sunday, February 10th; the getto or launching of 200 quintals of candy; the suggestive illumination; and finally, Fat Tuesday, with the traditional Puppet Bonfire to close Carnival 2013.
The Carnival usually welcomes about 100,000 visitors to Fano each year, and by now – as the largest Carnival party in the Marches Region – is an established part of its popular culture.