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Open Dance

19.10.2013 - 18.12.2013

The tenth workshop for new Contemporary dance in Lecce

The prestigious and avant garde event for Contemporary dance d’auteur runs again in Lecce (often called the Florence of the south) this year. Now in its 10th season, Open Dance is purposed for exploring new forms of movement – not merely as an expression of a choreographed act – but also as expression of emotions, sensations and, overall, the corporeal message. The theme cantiere della danza, i.e. "dance under construction," is an explanation of the workshop’s essence: after all, dance, whether as tradition or as invention, constitutes the communication of thought, this time in open dialogue with the public. 
This particular Contemporary review is dedicated to national and international numbers that place the dancer – along with his or or her capacity to tell a unique story through the body – at the center of focus. 

Open Dance is promoted by Cantieri Koreja di Lecce and the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, with particular support from Dansystem – A Contemporary Dance Network in the Region of Apulia. 
The event is also sponsored by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism, the Province and Comune of Lecce, and by FranceDanse. FranceDanse is a biennial gathering marked by French Contemporary dance, and realized by the Institut français Italia, the French Embassy in Italy, the Fondazione Nuovi Mecenati, and the French Ministry for Culture and Communciation. 

How to get there

Where: Cantieri Teatrali Koreja - Stabile di innovazione del Salento
City: Lecce
Address: Via Guido Dorso 70
Region: Apulia