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Urban Superstar Show

16.02.2013 - 17.03.2013

A contemporary art exhibit at the Galleria Provinciale di Cosenza

Urban Superstar - Cosenza

Urban Superstar - Cosenza

The fourth edition of Urban Superstar, an original festival that got its start at Naples’s Madre Museum and later ran in the MondoPop Gallery in Rome, has gathered together Italy’s protagonists in urban art since 2009. 

The Festival will run in Cosenza until March 17th. This year its objective is to reunite some of the most representative artists of the urban movement from around the world, offering up a creative encounter between the artists, the city, its citizens and history, in the hopes of giving life to new ideas, new forces and new symbols. The collective exhibit will display more than 70 works of art that are intended to share the urban artistic experience on a global level. Given this context, artists celebrated for their diverse styles and new tendencies - conceived as part of Underground and Lowbrow art - were selected. 

Those working in the latter movement, a product of the California scene, is highly-inspired by the grotesque of the underground comics by the likes of Robert Crumb, Rick Griffin, and of the experimental work of Robert Williams, Mark Ryden, Shag, Gary Panter and many more. American critics have come to define their pieces as “Pop Surrealism,” due to the art-historical elements that they each have in common. Some of the other high-caliber names to be seen at the Galleria Provinciale Santa Chiara include Diavù, Gary Taxali, Jeremy Ville, Alberto Corradi, Angelique Houtkamp, Massimo Giacon, Gary Baseman, Ale Giorgini, and Allegra Corbo among many others.

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How to get there

Where: Galleria d’Arte Provinciale Santa Chiara 
City: Cosenza
Address: Salita Liceo
Region: Calabria