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Classics in Syracuse

11.05.2013 - 23.06.2013

XLIX Series of Greek Play Performances at Syracuse’s Greek Theatre

Another spring-summer season will see the Greek Theatre in Syracuse open its doors to theatre-goers for productions of Sophocles's Classical comedies Oedipus Rex and Antigone, and Aristophanes's Women in Power.
Directing Oedipus Rex is Daniele Pecci with Daniele Salvo (returning to the Greek Theatre of Syracuse with two other Sophoclean works, Oedipus Coloneus, with Giorgio Albertazzi, and Ajax, with Maurizio Donadoni). 
Cristina Pezzoli – for the first time in Syracuse – will direct Antigone (interpreted by Ilenia Maccarrone), while Vincenzo Pirrotto both directs and stars in Women in Power.

In occasion of the XLIXth Classical Representations at the Greek Theatre of Syracuse, the Consortium of Syracuse Tourism, in collaboration with the INDA (National Institute for Ancient Dramas) Foundation, will promote "Siracusa, Turismo e Rappresentazioni Classiche." The initiative will allow travelers that book their trip online at to purchase discounted theatre tickets. 

How to get there

Where: Greek Theatre (Teatro Greco)
Citt: Syracuse
Address: Viale Paradiso - Parco Archeologico della Neapolis 
Region: Sicily