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Valle d'Aosta: Of Art and Nature

03.05.2013 - 22.09.2013

Valle d'Aosta Dos for the perfect vacation!

Few places can boast the singular historical, artistic and cultural heritage of Valle d'Aosta, Region composed of extraordinarily-beautiful natural environments. For those considering a trip to the region, one need only choose from a gamut of events and activities.

Then, the Regional Archaeological Museum in Aosta welcomes the exposition Guttuso, Realism and Real Image. The exhibit features 40 of Guttuso’s works – oil paintings, drawings and graphics – that document the Sicilian artist’s typical themes (from urban cityscapes to social topics), elaborated, of course, via his own originality and freedom of imagination. 
In a natural oasis as gorgeous as Valle d'Aosta, the sky is always within reach. Recently enhanced, the St. Barthelemy Regional Astronomical Observatory organizes numerous educational and entertainment activities, including conferences, astronomy and archaeoastronomy courses relating theory and practice, themed evenings, guided tours, observations and workshops with experts.  
The Astronomical Observatory of Valle d’Aosta is located in Lignan, at an altitude of 5,413 ft (Comune of Nus). The zone also offers an array of possibilities for exciting natural and ethnographic excursions.