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Umbria Jazz

07.08.2020 - 10.08.2020

Jazz in August

Umbria Jazz 2020

Umbria Jazz 2020

Jazz in August will be dedicated exclusively to Italian jazz, which for many years has occupied a prominent place in the festival’s programmes. However, this will be the first time that an entire programme will feature only Italian musicians.
Radio Monte Carlo will be the official radio station of “Jazz in August”.
Three shows are programmed each evening at 7.00, at 9.30, and at 11.30. The exception is the evening of 7 August, when there will be two shows, at 9.30 and at 11.30.
The square will be enclosed by barriers, and the biggest change from previous years is that there will be no standing during the concerts. Seats must be booked in advance, and they will be positioned at a safe distance one from the other in accordance with social distancing regulations. There will be a total capacity of 350 seats.. See the official website for more info www.umbriajazz.it

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