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Isola Tiberina and Ponte Cestio

On this island in the River Tevere, with the elongated shape of a ship, there now stands a hospital. This place has always had a curative function, at least according to a legend that tells that in the year 293 BC Rome was struck by the plague and that for this reason a temple was built for the deity Aesculapius, god of medicine. Legend says that as the boat with the statue sailed up the River Tevere a snake, the symbol of the god, jumped onto the island to show where the temple should be built. The Isola Tiberina is linked to the mainland by Ponte Cestio, built in 46 BC. Continuing along the Lungotevere degli Anguillara, we cross Ponte Garibaldi and Via Arenula to reach the sacred area of Torre Argentina, where we find the remains of temples dating from the second century BC.