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Personne âgées, handicaps, intolérances alimentaire, facilités économiques

Le tourisme est devenu, au cours du siècle dernier, un besoin social primaire. Il représente non seulement un facteur économique d’extraordinaire importance, mais aussi un instrument de connaissance et émancipation personnelle.   Pour toutes ces raisons il est aujourd’hui indispensable de garantir l’accès à l’expérience touristique à tous les citoyens, indépendamment des conditions personnelles, sociales, économiques et de toute autre nature qui puissent limiter la manière de bénéficier de ce bien.   

L’accessibilité, c'est-à-dire l’absence de barrières architecturales, culturelles et sensorielles, est la condition indispensable pour permettre de bénéficier du patrimoine touristique italien. 

Village for all - Destination accessible hospitality

Accessible Italy will conquer your heart forever. Discover all about it.
Leading an active life, being aware of the quality of the food you eat, having a day-to-day sustainable and responsible approach, and regularly exercising… if this is your lifestyle and you want to keep it even when you’re on holiday, this is the Guide for you! Choose where to spend those special moments taking care of your well-being and of your family’s. Together with the tourist facilities in our network, we’ve decided to devote our 2020 Guide to Well-being and Sports. We’ve been working tirelessly for a long time with many tourist facilities that share our dream: “Holidays for all!” We want to share our dream with you too, and this is why we personally inspect all the facilities in our network to ensure first-hand information and to make it available; because you deserve to be the undisputed star of your holiday. Download the guide

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"Where a person with a disability lives well, we all live better". The words of Vincenzo Zoccano - declared at the first G20 as for the Italian Beaches  -  were  collected  by  Bibione (Venice),  one  of the  first beaches in  Italy  for number  of  people, f irst to have banned smoking and now a candidate to  be  the first accessible tourist destination in Italy.
"Welcoming and accessible"is a goal that is certainly achievable with the hope that knowledge is the protagonist in development projects for tourist destinations and more.
Download the guide at this link https://documentcloud.adobe.com