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Press Release

The celebrations to commemorate 150 years of Italian Unity continue with the project 150 ITALIAMOBILE.

Rifrazione Permanenti

on the 21st of April Rome will host a major event to launch 150 Italiamobile, the official Italian Unity smartphone application

As part of the celebrations marking 150 years of Italian Unity, the 21st of April – the day on which the first law (ratifying its foundation) was passed by the Kingdom of Italy– will see the premiere of Rifrazioni Permanenti in Rome’s Piazza Colonna. This major artistic event is an integral part of the 150 Italiamobile project launching the institutional smartphone application for the Italian Unity celebrations. The project is the brainchild of Artchivium and is promoted by the Prime Minister’s Office-Special unit for the 150 years of Italian Unity, the Ministry for Tourism, and the General Office for Cultural valorisation of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.

The anniversary marking 150 years of Italian Unity is loaded with significance. Our enthralling history also deserves to be celebrated through innovation; for this reason, the 150 Italiamobile application was conceived to bring people into closer contact with the episodes surrounding Italian Unity, and provide information about events linked to the 2011 celebrations by harnessing the potential of cutting-edge technologies. The application develops a visual narration of the historical events that led to Italian Unity, thanks to the innovative possibility of identifying places on a geo-referenced map, and the contribution of highly interactive contents.

It will be possible to download the 150 Italiamobile application free of charge from smartphones and institutional websites with effect from the 21st of April.

The official launch of the 150 Italiamobile project will be held on the 21st of April in Rome, in Piazza Colonna. The celebrations will continue all night, from 21.00 until 5 in the morning, with a major artistic event that promises to be unique and spectacular: the absolute premiere of Rifrazioni Permanenti.

NUfactory’s installation entitled Rifrazioni Permanenti (Permanent Refractions) will exploit new Video Mapping technology to create astonishing multimedia projections on the façade of Palazzo Wedekind, including dance, music and the visual arts. The square chosen, Piazza Colonna, is a location where history and culture have overlapped, and will be the star of this contemporary artistic operation commemorating the importance of this location in the process of Italian unification. The Video Mapping technology on which Rifrazioni Permanenti is based is the work of Daniele Spanò. It will not just tell the story of Italy in iconographic terms, but will also describe its unity, the power of the individual in the collective, looking to the past as a launch-pad for the future.

The Rifrazioni Permanenti work resulted from contemplation of the concept of unity. It is a concerted multimedia project in which different disciplines such as dance, music and images all take part in a shared process through their different languages. It is a creative feat which is fulfilled through the links it establishes with the public: the city’s inhabitants. The event will provide an opportunity for underscoring the historical importance of the venue, reinforcing its present-day identity.

Multimedia innovation, an artistic event and a multi-platform application; 150 Italiamobile is a project entirely conceived in Italy, by young Italians.

The Prime Minister’s Office-Special unit for the 150 years of Italian Unity will also be presenting the new web portal, iluoghidellamemoria.it and a historical multimedia archive. Together with the 150 Italiamobile application, with which it shares most of its contents, the portal will be one of the promotional instruments used as guides for revealing Italian history, and will be updated continuously throughout the course of 2011.

The project 150 Italiamobile has been implemented thanks to partnerships with: Roma Capitale, ACEA, Il Tempo, Alinari and Scala Group Archives.

All the contents and tours will also be available online on Italia.it and on the official website for the celebrations, Italiaunita150.it

Download the advert counting down to the event from the following link: http://www.beniculturali.it/mibac/export/MiBAC/sito-MiBAC/Contenuti/MibacUnif/Comunicati/visualizza_asset.html_98587940.html


Roma, 6 aprile 2011