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Il litorale abruzzese

The southern Abruzzo coast, from Vasto to San Salvo Marina, is characterized by golden, soft-sand beaches that stretch for miles.
Transparent waters wash up on the coasts that lead to lush Mediterranean vegetation; the entire area is ideal for a relaxing and comfortable vacation that is particularly suited to families. 
Modern seaside resorts, sports facilities, shops, restaurants and nightlife make it a favorite destination even among young people. 
Among th Region's towns and cities, Alba Adriatica stands out for its long beaches boasting white sand, cool pine forests and a bike path that runs the length of the seafront.
Other well-known resort areas include Montesilvano, with its pine trees and shallow water; Vasto, with its Golden Bay and the famous Bathers statue. 
Tortoreto, Giulianova, Silvi Marina, Roseto degli Abruzzi and Francavilla a Mare are also worth a visit for those looking for some relaxation and play, beachside!
Although principally known for its seaside establishments, the Abruzzese littoral is unique for its Costa dei Trabocchi, an expanse of sea dominated by the presence of ancient fishing machines supported by stilts (called trabocchi). Some trabocchi even offer rooms for tourists to stay overnight, as well as restaurants. The Trabocchi Coast, with its wild and proliferous natural bounty, extends for approximately 3.7 miles, and comprises places such as Ortona, Fossacesia, and Torino di Sangro.