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About Instagram Italiait

What is the objective of @Italiait on instagram?

To promote the beauty of Italy and to inspire the world to visit our country with the assistance of our friends who share their wonderful pictures on Instagram.

Who manages the account? 

The account is managed by the Social Media Team of ENIT-Italian National Tourist Board.

How can I share my photos? 

It is very easy. In order to be selected you must participate by including #IlikeItaly on your picture or by inserting the tag @italiait

If I insert #IlikeItaly or tag @italiait, can my photos be used other than in the Instagram profile of

Yes, it’s possible. We often use Instagram pictures on Twitter and Facebook of and on We may also occasionally contact you if we would like to use your image or video elsewhere.

What is the selection process of the photos based on?

The selection of the photo images is based upon the promotional campaign of and it’s appropriate brand association. All photos and videos will be given the proper credits.  

It’s not necessary to be a professional photographer, as our message is more about unifying the beauty of Italy in pictures. However, quality will reign supreme!

If you’d like to send to us your images please use our hashtag or tag. You can also contact us via email:

Legal, Terms & Conditions

ENIT-Italian National Tourist Board has created this profile to gather those parties who intend to visit, are thinking about visiting, have visited, or simply love the beauties of Italy. On our Instagram account you will find travel information and suggestions for your future trip to Italy.

ENIT-Italian National Tourist Board does not assume responsibility for the comments of people who post on this profile. Although we encourage free and open discussion of opinions, we ask that you use discretion, be respectful to others and to abide by the rules. 

Messages that contain the following will be eliminated:

-comments, contents, links, and images that are violent, obscene, blasphemous, odious, contemptuous, illegal or racist and that incite such behavior. 

-comments containing threats or defamation of a person or group of people, or organization.

-pubblicity or promotion relating to financial organizations or business.

-too many off-topic messages from one single user

-messages that are repetitive, copied and pasted or duplicated from one or more user

-comments that are deemed offensive, inaccurate, false, misleading or deceptive

-material that violates third party copyrights

-any content or comment that is deemed inappropriate by ENIT-Italian National Tourist Board

Users who fail to abide by the guidelines outlined above will be blocked from the profile by ENIT-Italian National Tourist Board.

For any questions or requests for clarification please contact us at

The use of the tag @Italia or hashtag #IlikeItaly

ENIT-Italian National Tourist Board does NOT claim ANY rights to the photos or videos tagged @Italiait or with the hashtag #IlikeItaly.

Please note, using these tags the user grants to ENIT-Italian National Tourist Board the non-exclusive license, free of charge, global, revocable, non-transferable, and perpetual authority to use, modify, eliminate, add-on, post in public view and/or reproduce the image or video, including without limitation to any online media format, such as online newsletters, and through any social media channel, page, or account. 

You can revoke this license at any time by contacting us in writing at and informing us that you you no longer want us to use your photo or video.