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Traveling in Italy

Italy is well-connected to the rest of the world via air, as well as by land and sea, with cars, trains, buses and boats large and small making their way to the Peninsula. 

Moving within Italy is easy: flights between both principal and smaller cities run daily, if not more frequently. Rail networks extend over 15,000 km (9, 321 mi) and evenly cover the entire country, as do the autostrade, freeways and state highways, allowing drivers and passengers to reach every angle of the “Boot” with speed and ease. Frequent and rapid ferry lines travel between the islands and all the principal coastal and port cities. 

European Union citizens can enter and travel within Italy with their identity card on hand, while those from outside the EU must carry a passport. Obtaining entrance documents for tourists is simple, and embassies and consulates can offer assistance for almost any relevant need. 

Road laws and regulations are governed by specific Street Laws pertaining to those driving inside national borders; however, it is advised to pay extra attention to possibly-varying signs and indications at the local level. Local police are also available for drivers with problems and questions. 

Italy’s touristic reception conforms to International standards, but also offers the passion and hospitality for which Italians are known. 

The climate is temperate and sunny, but do not hesitate to stay informed of the meteorological conditions  throughout the country. 

For other travel needs, see’s FAQs, or consult Easy Italia for tourist information and a helpline.