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Railway Transportation

Before boarding trains passengers must purchase tickets appropriate for the type of train, class and service they intend to use. This section contains information on disruptions (delays, cancellations), assistance and travelers’ rights to compensation. 

For further information visit the website of Trenitalia

Persons with disablities can visit the page for persons with reduced mobility on 

- Ticket Purchase

Before boarding trains clients must purchase tickets that are appropriate for the type of train, class and service they intend to use. Otherwise, failure to do so will result in fines and penalties. 

With the exception of regional trains, tickets for Express, Intercity, Eurostar city, Eurostar Italia, Eurostar Italia AV trains, sleeping berths and cars are issued with seat reservations. 

All other tickets, even if purchased from automatic machines, must be validated (stamped) by inserting them into the special yellow stamping machines located in railway stations. Passengers that fail to validate their ticket before boarding can accrue fines ranging from €3.50 to €105.

- Compensation Bonus

Passengers traveling on trains with obligatory reservation are entitled to the following compensation in case of delayed arrival

− 25% of the ticket’s value in case of a delay ranging from 60 to 119 minutes; 

− 50% of the ticket’s value in case of delay equal or superior to 120 minutes. 

In the case of an expected delay of over 60 minutes, passengers may choose between the following options:

− Continuation of the trip as soon as possible or on a subsequent date with a similar train, alternative bus services, or through alternative railway routes.

− A request of complete reimbursement of the ticket for the entire route, or part of it, if passenger chooses to cancel part or all of his/her trip.

Compensation is allowed in the form of a bonus for the purchase of another ticket within twelve months or, upon request, in pecuniary form. Compensation claims may be made after twenty days and within the subsequent twelve months by registered clients on the “Trenitalia” - “Customers area” section of; or at ticket offices by filling out a form from the Customer Service offices of major train stations. The form can be hand-delivered or mailed. 

When the right to receive the bonus compensation is due, the passenger will be entitled to request, at ticket offices and travel agencies, the issue of a bonus coupon to be used within twelve months from the date of the original travel, or the direct issue of a new ticket for an amount equal to the due bonus.


Passengers not intending to use the train ticket they have purchased can request reimbursement. Such reimbursement will accrue a deduction that varies according to the time between the request of a refund and the eventual date of departure.

Claim: The request for reimbursement can be made at any ticket office or travel agency prior to the original departure date. If request is made after the original departure date but still within the original terms (that vary depending on the type of ticket, e.g. basic, flexible or related to special offers), the request can only be made at the travel agency that originally issued said ticket or at the ticket office that serves the place of departure or issue (provided it does not correspond with the place of arrival). 

Exceptions: Tickets issued on the basis of special offers or on the basis of specific regulations are either not reimbursable or cannot be reimbursed after the original departure date (i.e. paper-less tickets).  

- Assistance 

Passengers are encouraged to make use of reception and assistance centers in all major railway stations. 

Special assistance is reserved to persons with disabilities; in such cases travelers can contact Trenitalia by calling toll-free at 199 30 30 60 or by sending a request of assistance by e-mail to the addresses indicated in the “Other Services” - “Services for disabled passengers” section of the website. 

The blind and persons with significant disabilities that receive escort allowances are entitled to receive special price reductions.
Persons with disablities can visit the page for persons with reduced mobility on for assistance.