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Maritime Transportation

Ticket Purchase

The right to maritime transportation is recognized in consequence of the purchase of a ticket, which constitutes proof of the conclusion of a contract binding the carrier to respect the elements contained within.


If passengers cannot embark due to the serious reasons foreseen in Art. 400 of the Navigation Code, they are entitled to the reimbursement of their ticket with a 25% penalty. In case of cancellation for reasons not caused by the carrier, the contract is cancelled and the carrier must return the received amount. In cases of departure cancellation or route changes, passengers have the right to travel with a ship that departs subsequently, if possible, or to rescind the contract. In both cases passengers can claim compensation for damages. If said cancellation or route changes take place due to a justifiable reason, reimbursement cannot be more than twice the amount paid. If the passenger’s trip is interrupted due to reasons not attributable to the passenger himself, the price is due in proportion to the part of the trip completed. On the contrary, if the reason is attributable to the passenger, the passenger himself must pay the net price of the remaining part of the trip. 

The carrier is liable for damages, even resulting from delay, suffered by passengers, unless it can prove that the event derived from a cause outside its control. The carrier is also liable for loss or damages to registered closed luggage, unless it can prove that the event derived from a cause outside its control. The rights deriving from a contract of transportation of persons and unregistered luggage expire after six months from the passenger’s arrival to destination, while rights regarding registered luggage expire within one year from day of delivery.