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EU and non-EU citizens (if entitled to assisted health care in EU countries) traveling in Italy with the required certificate (European Health Insurance Card or a provisional replacement certificate) may obtain services required directly, free of charge – excepting the payment of an eventual co-pay (called ticket)– at a public hospital orfacility covered in private agreement with the National Health Service. 

Non-EU citizens coming from countries not covered by the agreement are provided with health services that must be paid for in accordance with the relative scale of charges. 

Italians residents abroad. To Italian citizens, members of AIRE (Registry of Italians living abroad), having the status of emigrant and / or holding a social security pension paid by the Italian Welfare System, who return temporarily to Italy and have no insurance coverage, public or private, are granted, the emergency hospital services free of charge for a maximum period of 90 days per year.

For further information, consult the website for the Ministry of Health.

For information and assistance please find the relevant Emergency Numbers.