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High speed trains

Italo Treno NTV - Frecciarossa - Photo by: YMZK-Photo/ValeStock -

The Italian high-speed rail network allows moving easily throughout the peninsula and to reach various Italian cities comfortably in just a few hours, taking advantage of numerous on-board services such as free Wi-Fi, catering service, assistance for the disabled, unaccompanied children's service, pet and bicycle transport.
You can plan your tourism or business trips by choosing among the more than three hundred daily connections available from the two companies which operate in Italy: Trenitalia and Italo Treno (NTV).

Tickets can be purchased online from the websites of the two companies, at your local travel agency or at the ticket offices of the railway stations.
For further information:

Le Frecce - Trenitalia

Frecciarossa trains link Turin-Milan-Bologna-Rome-Naples-Salerno with high-speed rail lines.
Frecciarossa trains reach a speed of 360 Km/ h.

Estimated journey time
Milan - Rome 2h 55'
Milan - Bologna 1h 02'
Bologna - Florence 35'
Rome - Napoles 1h 10 '
Turin - Milan 44'

Frecciargento trains connect Rome-Venice-Verona-Bari/Lecce-Lamezia Terme / Reggio Calabria on high-speed and traditional lines.
Frecciargento trains reach a speed of 250 Km/h.

Estimated journey time
Rome - Verona 2h 50'
Rome - Venice 3h 19'
Rome - Bolzano 4h 25'
Rome - Reggio Calabria 5h 12'
Naples - Venice 5h 05'

Frecciabianca trains link Milan to Venice, Udine and Trieste; Genoa and Rome; up to Bari and Lecce on conventional railway lines.
Frecciabianca trains reach a speed of 200 Km/h.

Estimated journey time
Turin - Milan 1h 35'
Turin - Venice 4h 08'
Turin - Trieste 6h 02'
Milan - Venezia Mestre 2h 10'
Milan - Trieste 3h 44'
Milan - Udine 3h 55'
Milan - Ancona 3h 51'
Milan - Pescara 5h 02'
Milan - Bari 7h 43'
Milan - Taranto 9h 05'
Milan - Lecce 9h 05'
Venezia - Lecce 8h 43'
Genova B. - Rome 3h 39'
Rome - Reggio di Calabria 6h 04'
Ravenna - Rome 4h 11'

Italo Treno (NTV)

Italo Treno
The High Speed Italo service connects the two railway lines:

- Turin-Salerno, stopping in Milan, Reggio Emilia (station of Mediopadana), Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples

- Venice-Salerno, stopping in Padua, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples

In total, Italo connects 10 Italian towns and 14 stations.

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