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Park, Garden and Landscape Management

▪ Home delivery of plants and flowers for planting must take place in accordance with the guidelines regarding product transport. If staff deliver products they must wear masks (if a distance of one metre cannot be maintained) and gloves.

▪ Staff must wear protective clothing (masks, gloves, glasses) for all cleaning operations and closed spaces must be aired, identifying the appropriate staff for the task (employees or external staff).

▪ All surfaces (especially inside the changing rooms, toilets and other shared use spaces) must be cleaned on a daily basis using ordinary cleaning products. Vehicles, machinery (manned and unmanned tractors, AWPs) and equipment must be cleaned every day using ordinary cleaning products.

▪ Changing rooms, toilets and common use spaces must be periodically disinfected including machinery and equipment (AWPs, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, lawnmowers, ladders, secateurs) and special attention should be paid to rental items.

▪ The firm will have to make suitable cleaning products available and supply hydro-alcohol gel dispensers inside its spaces and the vehicles used to access sites.

▪ Common use space access regulations are required (such as changing rooms, coffee break spaces, for example) limiting the number of people present in the same place and the length of their stay there and respecting distances of at least one metre between people.

▪ As far as hand protection is concerned, and in consideration of the added risk deriving from a mistaken use of these, it is believed to be more opportune to allow staff to work without single access gloves and require frequent hand washing with hydro-alcohol solutions in accordance with opportune company procedures (with the exception of specific risk factors associated with specific tasks or probable surface contamination).

▪ Site layout: at all phases of work safe distances must be ensured - site delimitation, signing, material and equipment unloading. Distancing must also be guaranteed for clients and/or citizens via suitable signing and/or site fencing.

▪ Pruning or cutting down trees: staff operating tractors and self-propelled machines with cabins must work alone during moving and working phases. Where possible use by a range of individuals of self-propelled machines with cabins is to be avoided or alternatively prior cleaning and disinfecting of the cabins and surfaces of such machines must be undertaken. In the event of multiple staff using equipment such as chainsaws it is advisable to clean and disinfect those parts which may channel contagion.

▪ Grass cutting, planting, creation and management of green areas: if possible multiple use of lawn tractors or self-propelled machines such as diggers should be avoided or the surfaces of such equipment should be cleaned and disinfected before use.