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Museums, Archives And Libraries

These guidelines apply to local and public bodies and private museum, archive and library owners and other cultural bodies.

▪    Adequate information on all prevention measures adopted must be displayed.

▪    A specific access plan needs to be drawn up for visitors (opening days, times, maximum visitor numbers, booking systems, etc.) which must be exhibited and notified to the public (e.g. social networks, websites and press releases).

▪    Body temperature can be measured and access denied to those with temperatures of over 37.5°C.

▪    Visitors must wear masks at all times.

▪    Staff must wear airway protection masks at all times when visitors are present and in any case when interpersonal distances of at least one metre cannot be guaranteed.

▪    Where possible staff-user contact areas should be separated by suitable physical barriers capable of preventing droplet contagion.

▪    Hydro-alcohol solution should be made available for hand cleansing in all spaces.

▪    A planned access programme should be drawn up (e.g. online or telephone booking) which establishes maximum visitor numbers and regulates access in order to avoid large numbers of people gathering in certain areas.

▪    Where appropriate, trajectories should be laid out and areas highlighted including with signs on the floor in order to encourage interpersonal distancing and separating entrances and exits.

▪    Guaranteeing suitable surface and space cleaning and disinfecting with special attention to those touched most frequently (e.g. handles, switches, handrails, etc.). Toilets must be regularly cleaned and disinfected. The cleaning of spaces displaying, conserving or storing cultural assets must be guaranteed with suitable procedures and products.

▪    Internal spaces must be aired frequently. As regards air conditioning, where technically possible all air circulation must be totally excluded. Where this is not technically possible natural air circulation measures must be reinforced and air filters cleaned when the air conditioning is switched off, to maintain adequate filtering/removal standards in line with Istituto Superiore di Sanità document technical guidelines.

▪    The use of lifts should be limited to those with reduced mobility where possible.

▪    Locker and cloakroom use is to be regulated.

▪    Audio guides and IT supports can be used only if they are suitably disinfected after each use. Use of personal devices for information purposes should be encouraged.

▪    Any educational activities must take account of social distancing rules and the use of shifts is recommended, via prior organisation and prioritising open spaces.

▪    As far as documentary and library collections are concerned, isolation storage procedures are recommended after use, as disinfecting these would be harmful.