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Starting from August the 17th all dancing activities are to be suspended if taking place  in clubs, dancing halls and similar establishments, it is also been suspended on shores, in bathing facilities, equipped beaches, public beaches, common areas of accommodation and all the other places open to the public (Ordinance from The Italian Minister of Health August 16th 2020).

Considering what previously stated all the guidelines listed below regarding the reopening of economic and productive activities are suspended as well (Decree from the Prime Minister of Italy June 11th 2020).


These indications apply to discos and other similar premises intended for entertainment (especially evening and night entertainment). For possible complementary services (e.g. catering, musical productions, shows, etc.) refer to the specific thematic sheets.

▪    Suitable information on prevention measures must be displayed, understandable also by foreign clients, with appropriate signs and information panels and via audio and video systems. Also, the staff should monitor and promote the compliance with the prevention measures by encouraging visitors to take responsibility for this.

▪    Rearrange the spaces, in order to ensure access in an orderly way and to avoid gatherings of people. For the sole purpose of defining the maximum capacity of the room, guarantee at least 1 meter between users and at least 2 meters between users accessing the dance floor. Where possible separate entrances and exits should be provided.

▪    Establish a number of employees to monitor compliance with the interpersonal distance adequate for the capacity of the premise, as set above. To this end, the use of a person counting system to monitor the accesses is promoted.

▪    If possible a booking system should be provided, with online ticket payment and form filling in order to avoid gatherings. If possible a register of visitors should be kept for 14 days, in accordance with data privacy laws.

▪    Body temperature can be measured, and the access will be denied to those with temperatures of over 37.5°C.

▪    The station dedicated to the till, where not already equipped with physical barriers (e.g. screens), should be adapted. Electronic payment methods must, in any case, be encouraged.

▪    In coatrooms, clothing and personal items must be stored in special clothes bags.

▪    It is necessary to make hand hygiene products available to users and staff in several points of the areas, providing for users to use them before entering and exiting each area dedicated to dancing, catering, toilets, etc.

▪    With reference to the dancing activity, in this phase it can only be allowed in outdoor spaces (e.g. gardens, terraces, etc.).

▪    Users must wear the mask indoors and outdoors whenever the interpersonal distance of 1 meter cannot be observed. The service personnel must use the mask and must carry out frequent hand hygiene.

▪    In compliance with the general indications contained in the catering sheet, in the case of discos, the consumption of drinks at the counter is not allowed. In addition, the administration of drinks can only take place if it is possible to ensure the rigorous observance of the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter between clients, who will have to access the counter in an orderly and, if necessary, limited manner.

▪    Tables and chairs must be arranged in such a way as to ensure at least a one metre gap between clients, with the exception of those not subject to interpersonal distancing on the basis of current regulations. This latter aspect is a matter of personal responsibility. This distance can only be reduced by means of physical barriers between the various tables capable of preventing contagion through droplet transmission.

▪    Any object provided to the customers (e.g. bottle opener, ice buckets, etc.), must be disinfected before delivery.

▪    Internal spaces must be aired frequently. Due to the overcrowding and the time of permanence of the guests, the effectiveness of the systems must be verified in order to ensure the adequacy of the external air flow rates according to current regulations. In any case, crowding must be related to the actual outdoor extract air flow rates. For air conditioning systems, it is mandatory, if technically possible, to totally exclude the air recirculation function. In any case, the measures for the exchange of natural air and / or through the system must be further strengthened, and the cleaning, with the plant stopped, of the recirculating air filters to maintain adequate filtration / removal levels must be guaranteed. If technically possible, the filtering capacity of the recirculation must be increased, replacing the existing filters with higher class filters, ensuring the maintenance of the flow rates. In the toilets, the air extractor must be kept in continuous operation.

▪    In the case of additional activities that involve sharing objects (e.g. board games, billiards), adopt organizational methods that reduce the number of people who handle the same objects, and still require the use of the mask and the disinfection of the hands before every new game. In any case work counters, game tables and all objects supplied to users must be disinfected before and after every turn of use. It is forbidden to use gaming tools for which disinfection is not possible at every turn (e.g. playing cards) and for which it is not possible to observe the personal distance of at least 1 meter (e.g. table football).

▪    Ensure the regular and frequent cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, especially the surfaces that are most touched by users and the toilets.