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EmbassiesThe capital, Rome, hosts the embassies of over 200 countries: they can provide information on the cultural events and initiatives of the various countries that take place in Italy, on business opportunities, and on the procedures to work in Italy or obtain authorisation to teach. Below are the details of the embassies of the countries from which many tourists come to Italy. A complete list can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Consulates can provide assistance to tourists in the event they should find themselves in difficulty in Italy. They can guarantee assistance in specific individual and collective emergency situations, and may issue travel documents for the return journey in the event of loss or theft of identity documents. The consulates of nations that entertain stable, frequent relations with Italy can be found in the largest Italian cities. In addition, in many Italian cities there are honorary consulates that can provide help and support to visitors in whatever way they may require.

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 Ministry of Foreign Affairs:



Via Antonio Bosio 5,
00186 - Roma
‎Tel. +39.06/852721, or, in an emergency, call the toll-free number 800877790
Web site:


Via Salaria, 243, Roma
‎ Tel: 06 854441
Web site:


Piazzale delle Muse 7, 00198 Roma
Tel.: +39.06/8848186
Web site:


Piazza Farnese, 67
00186 Roma
Tel. +39.06//8848186
Web site:


Piazza di Campitelli, 3,
00186 Roma
Tel. +39.06/6979121
Web site:


Via San Martino della Battaglia, 4,
00185 Roma
Tel. +39.06/49213-1
Tel. +39.06/4452672
Web site:


Via Michele Mercati, 8,
00197 - Roma ‎
Tel. +39.06/32286001
Web site :


Via Gaeta, 5, Roma ‎
Tel. +39.06/4941680
Web site:


Via Barnaba Oriani, 61,
00197 Roma ‎
Tel. +39.06/80957
Web site:


Via 20 Settembre, 80a
00187 - Roma ‎
Tel. +39.06/42200001 ‎
Web site:

United States of America

Via Vittorio Veneto, 119a
00187 - Roma ‎
Tel. +39.06/46741 ‎
Web site: