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Accessible tourism

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Over the course of the last century tourism has become a primary social need. Not only is it an extraordinarily important economic factor, but it is also a means to increase knowledge and personal development. For all these reasons today it is essential to grant access to tourist experiences to all citizens, regardless their personal, social, economic and any other condition, that could limit such experiences.

The Committee “for the promotion and the encouragement of Accessible Tourism was established in Italy in response to the demand of focusing the whole tourism system on each person and his needs. Accessible tourism is the highest expression of such a civilized goal, as well as being an undeniable - modern and fashionable - attractive to revamp the image of Italian tourism in the world.
For this reason Italy has established a Charter of Rights for Tourists
Accessibility, i.e. the absence of all architectural, cultural and sensory barriers, is the essential requirement to allow everyone to enjoy Italian heritage. The principle promoted by the Committee’s action is simple and very clear: individuals in their entirety and with their needs, are citizens and customers having the right to experience tourist offers completely and autonomously, receiving suitable services according to the price they pay.