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Senior Citizens, Persons with Disabilities, Nutritional Allergies and Special Economic Conditions

Over the course of the last century tourism has become a primary social need. Not only is it an extraordinarily important economic factor, but it is also a means to increase knowledge and personal development. For all these reasons today it is essential to grant access to tourist experiences to all citizens, regardless their personal, social, economic and any other condition, that could limit such experiences.

Accessibility, i.e. the absence of all architectural, cultural and sensory barriers, is the essential requirement to allow everyone to enjoy Italian heritage.

Village for all - Destination accessible hospitality
This guide will thrill you, offer you new experiences, and recommend “minor” destination, which all have one thing in common, Hospitality!
This is our annual contribution dedicated to ‘Slow Tourism’. A new guide to help you to discover emotions and experiences, taking time to get to know an area, explore it, share it with friends or loved ones, respecting it for future generations.
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