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Itinerary through Ischia's thermal baths

Travelers searching for spa and relaxation time can find incredible offers on the Island of Ischia by discovering an itinerary that traces some of its best thermal parks. 
Let's begin with the two most famous thermal spring parks of Ischia: the Poseidon Gardens and the Negombo Park. 

The Poseidon Gardens, situated on the evocative Bay of Citara, represent the largest thermal park on the Island, with 22 thermal, curative pools; the temperatures of thse spring waters range from 60.8-104° Fahrenheit (16-40° C). A definitive characteristic of this park is its abundant waters, which continually churn to renew themselves. 

Visiting Poseidon means jumping into a 60,000 sq. m. (14.8 acres) thermal paradise where one can regain psycho-physical well-being and equilibrium on the shores of the Tyrhennian Sea.

The Negombo Hydrothermal Park, set in the splendid Bay of San Montano (in the village of Lacco Ameno), was built by request of Duke Luigi Silvestro Camerini, a great humanist and traveler, who sought out a locale where he could express his love for botanical life. The result is this thermal park, rich in tropical plants and lush vegetation. Negombo invites guests to enjoy its 15 thermal pools (in varying temperatures), hydro- and plantar massages, a private beach and a beauty and wellness center. During the month of August the park puts on musical and cabaret performances in the evenings, often featuring renowned Italian artists.

Moving on to the town of Barano d'Ischia, in the area of Buonopane, we can find the Ninfe Nitrodi Springs, reputed for the therapeutic qualities of the medium-mineral and hypothermal waters. The properties of these waters have been well-known since Antiquity (from the 3rd Century B.C.), when the Greeks first erected a Nymphaeum in the area, under the protection of the “Nitrodes” nymphs and the god Apollo. In 1759, several votive marbles were discovered near the springs; they were dated to the First Century B.C., and contained written inscriptions giving thanks to Apollo and the Nitrodes for the healing waters.  

Leaving the Nife Nitrodi and heading to Casamicciola, one finds the Thermal Park of Castiglione, with ten large thermal pools at temperatures between 86 and 104° F (30 to 40°C), as well as an Olympic-sized pool filled with seawater. The Park is nested inside a thriving green space of flower beds and high-trunked pine trees, an ideal location for restoring the mind, body and soul. Even Pliny and the Greek philosopher Strabone preferred this spot, leaving behind writings that gave testament to the revitalizing power of its waters! 

The Aphrodite Apollon Thermal Park, near Sant'Angelo d'Ischia, other than containing 12 thermal pools, also boasts a relaxing sauna, inside a natural grotto. 

The Park holds 12 thermal pools (from temperatures of 20 to 40° C, or 68 to 104° F); one of these pools is covered and contains a whirlpool bath, while two others consist of water from the sea. Guests at Aphrodite Apollon can also make use of the private beach outfitted with a fitness center.

Afterward, a visit to the Fumarole Beach (also in the vicinity of Sant’Angelo) should definitely not be passed up. The fumaroles, geysers of water vapor, often mixed with other gaseous substances, can be seen both underwater and aboveground. The innumerable fumaroles run in temperatures from 30 to 100° (86 to 212° F!), and taking a “bath” in these therapeutic sands is – as a unique and rare experience – essential.

At Ischia Ponte, rather, framed gorgeously by the Bay of Cartaromana, guests can regenerate in one of four pools framed the suggestive and rich vegetation of Garden of Eden

And at Serrara Fontana lie the evocative Baths of Cavascura, dug into bare stone. Waterfalls and thermal water springs pour into tufo baths (with temperatures reaching as high as 90°C or 194° F), prompting sensations of extreme wellness for those who plunge into them.

Useful Information

Useful Information
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Poseidon Gardens  

Commune of Forio - Bay of Citara 

Tel: +39 081 9087111  

Daily Entrance: 30 € (August 33 €)

Half-Day Entrance: 25 € (August 28 €)

50% Discount for persons under 15 years of age.

Services include: Access to - the pools, a dressing room, beach chair and deck chair, umbrella, hydromassages/hot tubs, Japanese bath and beach (May to September).

Commune of Lacco Ameno – Bay of San Montano 

Tel: +39 081 986152

Entrance: From 26 to 32 €

Commune of Barano d'Ischia - Via Pendio Nitrodi 

Tel. +39 081 990335 

Commune of Casamicciola Terme - Via Castiglione, 36

Tel. +39 081 982551

Daily Entrance: 22 € (High Season, 27 €)

Afternoon Entrance: 23.50 €

Aphrodite Apollon Thermal Park

Commune of Serrara Fontana – Sant'Angelo d'Ischia - Via Fondolillo 

Tel. +39 081 999219 

Commune of Ischia Ponte - Via Nuova Cartaromana, 68 

Tel. e Fax +39 081 985015 

Daily Entrance: 20 €

Afternoon Entrance (from 1:30 PM): 18 €

Services: Access to pools and the sea, use of a personal beach chair. 

Baths of Cavascura

Commune of Serrara Fontana - Sant'Angelo d'Ischia - Via Cavascura 

Tel: +39 081 999242