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Ischia: thermal parks

Ischia is the largest island off the Gulf of Naples. It is known as the green island for its luxuriant nature life, set amongst rocks, grape vineyards and woods of oaks and chestnut trees. This exceptional scenario frames some of the most unique natural baths in the world, characterized by the presence of hot, very hot, thermal and hyperthermal mineral waters.Ischia - Fumarole Beach - Photo by Roberto Composto - FlickrThe island’s variety makes it a mosaic of extraordinary thermal parks that are a short walk from the sea; its exotic plants and gardens bearing thermal pools, seawater, saunas, Turkish baths and a beauty center work to create a unique resort experience in a gorgeous environment.

Ischia represents the capital of European thermal vacations: it holds 103 thermal springs, 69 fumarole aggregations, and more than 300 different establishments. The use of the springs for therapeutic purposes has continued throughout the millennia, and is to this day a “must” attraction for those looking to relax and enjoy beauty and wellness cures amidst some of the best nature landscapes that Mother Earth has to offer. 

The volcanic activity in Ischia's substratum endows it with a vital and fertile character; such is evident in its lush and thriving landscape. And set in this magnificent Mediterranean locale are countless thermal bath parks that render any stay on the Island unforgettable.

The Poseidon Gardens, situated within the Commune of Forio, on the evocative Bay of Citara, represent the largest thermal park on the Island, with 22 thermal, curative pools, from which spring waters ranging from 60.8-104° Fahrenheit (16-40° C). It is a thermal paradise that, extending over 60,000 sq m (645, 835 sq ft), touches the sea with its gorgeous, well-equipped beach.
The Negombo Hydrothermal Park, in the village of Lacco Ameno, welcomes visitors to relax in a magnificent garden rich in tropical plants and lush vegetation.

Negombo offers a "kneipp" itinerary in an alternating series of cold and hot water, which serves to stimulate circulation. Guests can also enjoy many other thermal pools of varying temperatures, making for increased relaxation after every pool. During the month of August the park puts on musical and cabaret performances every evening.

Then, at Casamicciola arises the Thermal Park of Castiglione, with ten large thermal pools of temperatures between 86 and 104° F (30 to 40°C), as well as an Olympic-sized pool filled with seawater. The Park is nestled inside a thriving green space of flower beds and high-trunked pine trees.

In nearby Ischia Ponte, Giardino Eden provides optimal regeneration in its suggestive ambience. Its favored position allows for a gorgeous panoramic view, and it is not very far from the splendid Aragonese Castle. The park comprises four different pools set inside an environment of rich vegetation.
Moving on to the town of Barano d'Ischia, in the area of Buonopane, we can find the Fonte delle Ninfe Nitrodi, named for the therapeutic qualities of its medium-mineral and hypothermal waters. The properties of these waters have been well-known since Antiquity (from the 3rd Century B.C.).  

The Aphrodite Apollon Thermal Park, near Sant'Angelo d'Ischia, other than containing 12 thermal pools, also boasts a relaxing sauna inside a natural grotto. Afterward, a visit to the Fumarole Beach should definitely not be passed up. Taking a “bath” in these therapeutic sands is – as a unique and rare experience – essential.
Our parks tour concludes at Serrara Fontana, where visitors will find that the evocative Baths of Cavascura are dug into bare stone. Waterfalls and thermal water springs pour into tufo baths, prompting sensations of extreme wellness for those who plunge into them.

Ischia is a destination with everything included: during their stay, travelers can find all the best of spa and wellness treatments, nature, and the sea, sport and enogastronomy. 

For those who love sport activity under the fresh, open air, the Island offers ample opportunities: from paragliding and windsurf, to trekking and horseback riding, diving and canoeing.

After spending a relaxing and reviving day in the natural spas, bathers can also taste the culinary delicacies of Ischian cuisine: Rabbit of Fossa, Ischia’s famous Caponata, its particularly delicious bread and pizza, the typical red-bean soup, the freshest of the fresh fish catch, and honey – these are just some of the fruits with which nature has generously endowed the Island.

The volcanic terrain contributes to the harvesting of very unique wine grapes, which make excellent whites with intoxicating perfumes, and reds of grand character that perfectly accompany the local dishes.
Citrus trees also grow all over the Island – you might have guessed that the traditional Limoncello liqueur is their delightful result! 

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