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Bed & Breakfasts

Italy is famous throughout the world for the warmth and hospitality of its people; staying in a Bed and Breakfast is one of the ways to experience such. 
A B&B is ideal for any traveler who wants to infuse their stay with contact with the local culture and habits, thus enriching themselves from both a human and cultural standpoint. Choosing a B&B in Italy means opting for a vacation with a family that will welcome you with enthusiasm, and provide you with a genuine experience. 
From Italy’s magnificent art cities like Florence, Naples, Palermo and Venice, to the small, magical borgoes of Cinque Terre or in Umbria, for instance, from enchanting Sicilian shores to the steep peaks of the Dolomites, you can take your pick from thousands of B&Bs.

The location of each structure permits the discovery of one destination’s many facets: staying in a B&B in Rome, for example, one can get to know the different moods of the city based by neighborhood – the magical atmosphere of the Imperial Forums, the movida and nightlife of Trastevere, or the tranquility of St. Peter’s. 

Whatever your neeeds, you will find a vast range of possibilities that will aid you in organizing an unforgettable trip in Italy. 
The great diffusion of this category of lodging is strongly linked to its economic convenience: in times of low cash flow a bed-and-breakfast stay can signify cutting costs without forgoing a comfortable and central location.

The term “affordable” need not, however, be associated with “the bare minimum,” for in Italy it is possible to enjoy high-quality establishments that are very equipped, very clean, and very well looked after. You will have the possibility to dwell in stupdendous historic habiations, country residences, suggestive noble palaces, ancient convents, manor houses or charming rustic farmhouses. 

The passion and personal availability of B&B owners makes them excellent promoters of their own zones, regions and the Bel Paese itself – they are often at the ready to share the their best advice and reveal the secrets for enjoying all the possible tastes and experiences the terrain can provide.

To get started, all you have to do is reserve your B&B and depart!