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Sports and Wellness

Kite SurfingItaly, Territory of Adventure 

Italy offers endless and amazing opportunities for those seeking a vacation dedicated to sports and physical activity - for those who want to be in close contact with nature both summer winter, surrounded by breathtaking sceneries and unique landscapes. 

Not only, but qualified and well-equipped facilities are available to assist guests and meet their every need. Italy's countless marinas and ports, and various tourist organizations offer opportunities to indulge in water sports, such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, swimming, sailing and motor-boating, and waterskiing. 

For mountain lovers, there are infinite options. During the summer: biking, walking, horseback riding, whitewater rafting and kayaking along streams and rapids, fishing in the pristine waters of rivers and lakes, paragliding and hang gliding over spectacular landscapes. During the winter, the mountains become a paradise for those who wish to practise winter sports.

Whatever the season, whatever the passion, Italy is the place for a sports-related vacation beyond compare! Italy is the perfect background for golf, cycling and cycle excursion, rafting, mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding along amazing bridle paths…and many other outdoor sports. 

Italy, Territory of Wellness and Beauty

Feeling good in Italy is easy. This country boasts the largest number of thermal spa centres in the world, with a tradition of body and soul treatments that dates back thousands of years - to ancient Rome. Throughout the country, from north to south, it is possible for visitors to experience a unique vacation centred on general well-being l at our numerous natural thermal springs. These places are renowned for their therapeutic properties and for their excellent aesthetic treatments. There are ancient baths that have remained intact for centuries and take visitors back in time, offering a primitive sort of appeal, with their natural saunas, hidden caves surrounded by vegetation, and hot steam with a pleasantly ferrous scent - excellent spots for reinvigorating the body and treating the skin. 

A thermal spa vacation is always revitalizing, thanks to effective treatments and a wide range of services, but, most importantly, thanks to the enchanting natural landscapes in which they are located. Italy has various world famous thermal spas: Saturnia, Montecatini, Bagni Vignoni, San Gimignano, Abano, Bormio, Salsomaggiore and  Ischia, to name just a few for a holiday devoted to health, beauty and physical well-being, in quiet resorts with all the accoutrements. Special consideration should be given to the wide array of options available at the wellness centres in Trentino-Alto AdigeUmbria and Tuscany. Their facilities are specifically equipped to make use of the latest apparatus and techniques, with innovative treatments that provide guests with a vacation dedicated to physical well-being and relaxation. 

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