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The Eucharistic Miracles of North-Central Italy

We begin our itinerary with some of the most important Eucharistic Miracles in Northern-Central Italy, in the Marches Region. In Macerata, on April 25, 1356, a priest celebrating Holy Mass in the Church of St. Catherine (again, doubtful of the actual presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist), was stupefied to see a large clot of blood leaking from the Host and staining a section of the Corporal Cloth and chalice on the altar. The “Corporale” relic, today under the tutelage of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and San Giuliano, is also carried in procession during the Feast of Corpus Domini. 

In 1330, in Cascia (Umbria), another priest who had left the Host inside a book later found that it had transformed itself, becoming a lump of blood that had even stained the book’s pages. The relic is preserved inside the Basilica of St. Rita

In Tuscany - in Florence, to be precise - we can find the relics from two different miracles, held inside the Church of St. Ambrose: the first miracle chronicles the transubstantiation of drops of consecrated wine into drops of coagulated, incarnated blood; and the second, the miraculous survival of several Hosts during wild blaze. 

At the Basilica of St. Francis in Siena, 223 hosts are preserved - still intact 250 years after they were stolen and subsequently recovered (1730). 

And in Emilia-Romagna we find the evidence from three Eucharistic Miracles:

In Ferrara, the Basilica of Saint Mary in Vado contains a spurt of blood that squirted from the Host and stained the ceiling above the altar during the Easter Mass of 1171. Today the arch of the monumental Basilica of Ferrara is still visible. 

The Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta in Bagno di Romagna is the location of the “Sacred Linen Cloth soaked with the Blood,” dating back to 1412. Immediately after the consecration of the wine, it metamorphosed into blood and, dripping from the chalice, stained the “Sacred Coporal.” It is now housed inside the Basilica’s Chapel of the Sacred Heart. 

In 1294 at Gruaro (Friuli Venezia Giulia), a woman washing the tablecloth of the church altar (in the Church of San Giusto) noticed that a consecrated Host, left inside the folds of the fabric, emitted blood. This relic has since been preserved in the Church of the Most Holy Body of Christ in Valvasone

We can also find miraculous relics in Turin and Asti, in Piedmont

In the Basilica del Corpus Domini (Basilica of the Body of Christ) in Turin is guarded the relic of the Miracle of 1453. A consecrated Host, stolen by the militias of Duke Ludovico of Savoy in Exilles, was placed onto the back of a mule. As it arrived in Turin’s Piazza Maggiore, it stumbled and fell. The Monstrance holding the Host fell from the sack and rose towards the sky, then freed the Host, which was said to have splendored like the sun. On this spot the Basilica del Corpus Domini was erected. 

Finally, two Eucharistic Miracles are officially documented in Asti, both characterized by the leaking of blood from consecrated hosts, in 1535 and 1718. 

In the Collegiate Church of San Secondo an inscription recites: "Hic ubi Christus ex sacro pane effuso sanguine exteram vi traxit fidem astensem roboravit" (Here, Christ spilled his blood from the Sacred Bread and, by extreme force, confirmed the faith of Asti).

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Useful Information
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Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and San Giuliano – Macerata (Marches)
Address: Piazza Strambi

Basilica of St. Rita – Cascia (Perugia, Umbria)
Address: Viale Santa Rita, 13

Parochial Church of St. Ambrose - Florence (Tuscany)
Address: Via Carducci, 1

Basilica of St.Francis - Siena (Tuscany)
Address: Piazza San Francesco

Church of Saint Mary in Vado - Ferrara (Emilia-Romagna)
Address: Via Borgovado, 3

Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta - Bagno di Romagna (Forlì-Cesena - Emilia-Romagna)
Address: Piazza Ricasoli, 13

Church of the Most Holy Body of Christ - Valvasone (Pordenone, Friuli Venezia Giulia)
Address: Piazza Libertà, 8

Basilica del Corpus Domini - Turin (Piedmont)
Address: Via Palazzo di Città, 20 (Entrance on Piazza Corpus Domini)

Collegiate Church of San Secondo - Asti (Piedmont)
Address: Piazza San Secondo