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Valtellina and Its Products

The Valtellina is a large and beautiful valley of the River Adda, enclosed in the Alps.

The Territory
The landscape changes with the seasons, with landscapes and colors that always impressive,making the valley a natural tourist destination, especially for hiking, mountaineering, winter sports, and cycling.

A beautiful landscape at a high altitude, with meadows, alpine lakes, and towering peaks. The charming and somewhat mysterious environment of Orobian, with a luxurious vegetation among the chestnut trees, hides charming rural villages where time seems to stand still.
The typical characteristics of the territory, mostly mountainous, is reflected in its organic food production, much appreciated by wine and food lovers - products made from buckwheat, rye, cheese, meats, berries, apples, mushrooms, chestnuts, with the main product being the great wine of Valtellina. The symbolic image of the area is the Rhaetic slope, a large tapestry in which nature is woven by human hands.

Moved by terracing, the Rhaetic slope faces south and has a particular radiation that makes it suitable for the cultivation of vines since ancient times. The Nebbiolo dominates the varietals, the so-called "Chiavennasca." The organoleptic characteristics of the red Valtellina, partly due to acidic soil with little clay, are enhanced with aging, which makes the wine savory and velvety.
In addition to the big names of the tradition, reminiscent of the various areas (Inferno, Sassella, Grumello, Valgella), is the highly sought-after Sforzato, a red DOCG wine of great value, produced from dried grapes.
The wines pair well with dishes of red meat, game, cheese and salami di Valtellina.

Viticulture has also favored the production of grappa and liqueurs, obtained from the distillation of fresh grapes, as well from the dregs of the Sforzato wine. From single-grape grappas and "riserve" grappas with particular aromatic traits; with the addition of fruits or alpine herbs, fruity grappas, and digestive liqueurs digestive with a particularly pleasant taste.

Other Products
The Pizzocchero di Teglio is the honor and pride of the Valtellina cuisine. They are typical buckwheat noodles, kneaded, rolled and hand-cut, and seasoned with melted butter, cheese, dairy and vegetables.
Then there is the Bitto, a special mountain cheese, born in Valgerola and Albaredo Valley, where it is produced in the summer. Worked with cow's milk and a small addition of goat's milk, it keeps for more than 10 years.
Other cheeses from Valtellina, fresh and seasoned, are the Scimudin, the Latteria, and the Valtellina Casera.

The Bresaola della Valtellina is a well-known salami, nutritious and very lof-fat, with excellent dietary properties.

Also famous are apples, the cultivation of which, together with the vineyards characterizes the rural landscape of the valley. There are more recent introductions (Fuji, Gala), alongside traditional (Golden Delicious, Stark Delicious).

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