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Italy's Sagre

Feast to feast

One of the many reasons for which Italy is loved around the world – beyond art, culture and gorgeous landscapes – is, of course, its incomparable cuisine.

Such marries very well with the jovial and convivial nature of the Italians, their love for laughing and joking over a good dish, and for toasting life with a glass of wine in hand. Sagra del mandorlo in fioreIt is thanks to this fantastic union that generation after generation has passed down the tradition of countless sagre, or feasts that celebrate the typical food and beverage products of a territory. These feasts populate the entire Peninsula, above all during summertime.  

The warm season brings music, the delicious smells from a grill, and the perfume of a variety of wines, from the Alpine Mountains to the Island of Sicily.  
Add to this the charm of town centers criss-crossed with quaint streets, and small medieval villages where the crisp, fresh air mixes with the aromas that recall an ancient time and atmosphere.
This is the beauty of the sagra: the discovery of Italy’s minuscule but beautiful borgos whose streets conceal the secret of the feast, the happy crowd, the tastings and gatherings - that is, until the annual occasion’s time has arrived. 

Popular traditions and folklore are an important font of the sagra and for the towns that host them, both culturally and economically. They often give a territory its identity, and are indispensabile for understanding a place’s present, via its past. In the sagra one can explore and comprehend roots and traditions by way of the local fare – typical products that can speak volumes of history and complexity through the modes in which they are made.

In all of Italy, sagre that primarily show off the typical enogastronomic products of a geographical setting take place one after another, day after day, in the timeframe between spring and the beginning of fall

Some of the most famous are Mandorlo in Fiore (Almond Tree in Bloom), held in Sicily during the spring; the sagre for the truffle, the chestnut, and the mushroom, usually in autumn in several Umbrian and Tuscan locations.

In Liguria, the Fish Sagra of Camogli is highly recommended. 
Meanwhile, Campania can boast its GustaMinori, a unique feast dedicated to the food products of the Amalfi Coast – obviously, this one has the double allure of both fascinating tastes and scenery.

Certain other regions are especially known for their D.O.C. wines, e.g. Veneto and Campania, and thus host wine sagre such as Primavera del Prosecco (Prosecco in Spring), in addition to some that are truly “one and onlys,” including at Taurasi and Tufo in Avellino, and at Solopaca in Benevento.
Finally, one cannot go without mentioning the Truffle from the Langhe in Piedmont; this typical white truffle is the unrivaled king of quality cuisine, and much sought-after the world over. 
So much so that the Fair of the Tartufo Bianco of Alba is, by now, an event of international resonance. 

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