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Eataly and Its Gourmet Italian Food

By now, Eataly is one of those names that shouts Italian enogastronomic excellence. A unique grocery and restaurant chain rather than a product, Eataly sells high-quality foodstuffs at favorable prices.
Born from the imagination of Italian entrepreneur Oscar Farinetti, Eataly unites superb Italian producers, brands and companies (think cheese and other dairy products, gelato and chocolate, wines, beers and olive oils) in each of its locations, from MilanGenoa and Bologna to FlorenceRome and Bari.

Based on an age-old model, that of the typical neighborhood market, Eatly sells the best of Italian agroalimentary products; however, it also serves them on site in its various restaurants, and even offers cooking and tasting courses.Inside Eataly MilanEataly's defining objective is to uphold a system of responsible and ecologically-sustainable production, commercialization and distribution in which numerous quality enterprises within the Italian agricultural and enogastronomic supply chain can participate. 
Eataly is also akin in philosophy to Carlo Petrini's Slow Food movement, founded upon the ideals of respect for bioversity and alimentary sovereignty, together with care for the environment, for culture and for respected and important traditions.

The very first Eataly opened in Turin (a city first among equals when it comes to cuisine) in 2007, and from then on continuously expanded its activities throughout the Bel Paese, with nutrition education, cooking and wine and grappa tasting classes. 
And for those who want to get straight to the eating, the chain offers mozzarelle di bufala (made in-house), Italian meat, fish and pasta; clients can consume any time, and/or buy some to take home for later. 
Its ethical approach to culture and good food allows Eataly to reinforce millenary methods and values: fishermen's respect for the sea, that of breeders for natural parks, pastures and valleys, and the conservation of ancient knowledge on that of producers, chefs and all those involved in preparation of and cooking authentic Italian food.
An integral part of Eataly's identity is its choice of abandoned sites that end up as perfect exposition and selling venues, particularly with the aid of architects and interior designers that know how to render Eataly and its spaces even more visually- and atmospherically-appealing. 
Eataly Rome resides inside the Ostiense Station, an old air terminal now in disuse; its design - characterized by post-Modern architecture, glass and steel, and enormous Italian lighting fixtures - was projected by Julio Lafuente. Meanwhile, a 1900s palazzo, once a longstanding library, hosts the Florence site, and the former Teatro Smeraldo (where great names like Mina, Adriano Celentano and even Josephine Baker had their debuts), that in Milan. In 2014, Eataly will be a significant partner of and attraction during Milan Expo2015.

Useful Information

Via Nizza, 230
TEL 011 19506801
FAX 011 19506899

Turin Incontra
Via Lagrange, 3
TEL 011 0373221

Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492
TEL 06 90279201

Calata Cattaneo, 15
TEL 010 8698721

Piazza 5 Giornate, 1 A
TEL 02 92870066
FAX 02 92870620

Via degli Orefici, 19
TEL 051 0952820
FAX 051 0952898

Fiera del Levante
Lungomare Starita, 4
TEL 080 6180401