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Canederli with Speck Ham

Canederli with Speck

Tempo  Preparation time: 180 min to prepare + 15 minutes to cook
Dosi Serves: 4
Difficoltà Difficulty:  Medium


• 200 g stale bread
• 2 liters beef broth
• 30 g butter
• Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
• 2 eggs
• 40 g flour
• 1 onion
• 150 ml milk
• 100g speck
• Parsley
• Chives
• Nutmeg
• Pepper
• Salt

Preparazione Directions

1. Cut stale bread into little cubes, place into a soup bowl and add the eggs (already-beaten), salt, milk, and a pinch of pepper. Mix well and set aside for two hours, stirring every now and then, bottom to top.

2. Cut the speck and the onion into cubes, then fry in a pan with the olive oil and butter. Once finished, cool and add to the bread mixture. Stir, then add parsley and chives, followed by the flour.

3. Knead carefully and cover for a half-hour.

4. With the mixture, create tiny balls 8-10 cm in diameter. For better results, keep hands somewhat moist while doing so. These are the canederli. Roll them over the white flour, then set aside.

5. Cook the canederli in beef broth over a low flame for 15 minutes. You will know they are cooked as soon as they rise to the surface. Serve hot.

Buon appetito !