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Water Parks

Italia, a Destination of Fun!

Travelers looking for some excitement and fun during their vacation can definitely find it in Italy. A number of parks made for pure amusement and entertainment are on offer throughout the country, where adutls can get a shot of adrenaline and kids can learn via fun games and activities! The only problem? Fifty parks, to be exact, both large and small, could make deciding on one a little difficult.

Without a doubt, Italy’s top water park is Aquafan in Riccione, with 90,000 sq. m. of green overlaid with 3 km of slides. One of the most recent is StrizzaCOOL, the wildest ride in the park’s history; however, the slide of slides at Aquafan is the “Kamikaze.” Anyone looking for an adrenaline rush is sure to find it sliding down the Kamikaze at 70 kmph (43 mph).

Visitors can also get a good buzz on the Extreme River, Speedriul, Twist or Rapid River diversions. 

As for the little ones, they can enjoy three zones with tons to do: from the Cartoon Network beach, the Elephant Pool and the Antarctic Baby Beach, with slides and entertainment at just the right size. 

Another park in Emilia-Romagna that shouldn’t go without mentioning is the Oltremare Park, also in Riccione: here spectators of all ages can watch awe-inspiring water shows and performances with divers, contortionists and dancers. 

Oltremare also has a spectacular laguna, where visitors can view dolphins in training, and discover secrets and curiosities in the lives of these admirable animals. 

Other musts include the “InPikkiata,” down which rubber tubes slide, all inside the Po River Delta; and the “Happy Farm” show for children. Pianeta Mare (Sea Planet) is a window into the lives of the creatures of the Adriatic – it contains six aquariums that take visitors on an undersea voyage to meet various, fascinating marine species face to face.

Moving on to the region of Lazio, in Torvaianica near Rome is Zoomarine, named park of the year in 2010 and ranked as the third best amusement park in Italy. 

Here they put on excellent shows with dolphins, marine lions, seals, tropical birds and birds of prey, and divers. Excitement and fun are guaranteed, with a maximum capacity of 4,000, a 4D cinema, merry-go-rounds and roller coasters. This park really goes above and beyond, even boasting a tropical sand beach and the incredible interactive tour “Age of the Dinosaurs,” which features a prehistoric forest populated by life-scale animatronic dinosaurs. 

Once you complete your experience at Zoomarine, you can switch gears for the evening and relax to the sounds of good music nearby at the Teatro Romano of Ostia Antica!

Useful Information

Useful Information


Via Ascoli Piceno, 6 – Riccione – Emilia-Romagna 

Open everyday from June 1 – September 16, 10 AM to 6:30 PM

Tel. +39 0541 603050  

On the second day, enter free with same ticket. 

Full Price: 28 €

Reduced Price: 20-25 €

Children 1 m (3’3”) and under enter FREE

Afternoon Only: 16 €


Via Ascoli Piceno, 6  - Riccione - Emilia-Romagna

Open all year – For closings see website.

Full Price: 28 €

Reduced: 20 €

Children 1 m (3’3”) and under enter FREE


Zoomarine, Via Zara, Torvaianica (Pomezia), Roma 

Open April to October

Full Price: 25 €

Reduced Price: 18 € (For 10 years and under and over 65)

Children 1 m (3’3”) and under enter FREE