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Music Festivals in Italy

Music Festivals in Italy

Italians throughout the Peninsula have a strong and long-standing passion for music of every genre; thus it is no surprise that cities and regions around the country host a multitude of music festivals every year, most of them during the summer season. 
From the Alpine Mountains, all the way down to the Sicilian Islands, both the mild climate and the love of a variety of types of music in the Bel Paese give Italians and tourists alike a reason to sing and play: if Bari is emitting the sounds of jazz, then, to be sure, Padua is creating new harmonies in pop, while in Viterbo everyone is listening to the most famous and noble operatic arias, and new blues phenoms are being born in Perugia.Ferrara's Castello EstenseMusic from every category, for every taste and in every part of Italy, and every celebration with its own particularites – these are the results of festivals that have been carefully thought out, so that they are perfectly matched with their own characteristic landscapeterritory and culture, and art and architecture. Where the mountains reign, they become the natural backdrop for any event; in the same way, prestigious manors and sumptuous abodes rightly become the stage for concerts and performances, and a beach or a breath-taking cliff  above the sea make the perfect setting for a string orchestra. 

In Italy all this is possible thanks to the diversity of nature, of places, and of the rich artistic and cultural heritage that make Italy what it is. Anyone planning a trip in this unique and beautiful country is likely to “bump into” one of these music events at any latitude and longitude of the “boot,” at any time of the year. They are so plenteous, they are sure to satisfy the gamut of preferences, both in terms of destination and sound. 

Originating as vehicles for the diffusion of culture, by now Italy's music festivals have become touristic attractions in themselves.
Of course the more options that are available, the more difficult it can be for any tourist to choose: in any case, the research alone of various festival locations can be exciting, and lead to the unexpected discovery of golden nuggets in the Italian music panorama, from events that have attained cult status, to those that are newer, emerging and underground.

Some festivals have run for over 50 years, e.g. the Festival dei 2Mondi in Spoleto, and some for even longer: the Puccini Festival at Torre del Lago has run every July-August since 1930 in the same open-air theatre (3,200 capacity) of Lucca Province. 
Concert festivals of this caliber, including those in RavelloRoccella Jonica,  Ravenna, and Pesaro, among others, really have no need for introduction, even, often, internationally. 

There is also an Italian association of festivals, "Italiafestival." Established in 1987, its objective is to nurture and promote the common interests of festival organizers and promoters, above all those that are smaller and less well-known – whether they are curated within public or private institutions, whether national or international. 

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Spoleto - Festival dei 2Mondi 
Teatro Nuovo, Via Vaita Sant´Andrea - Spoleto (PG)
Tel. +39 0743 221689 - Fax +39 0743 234027

Puccini Festival Foundation
Via delle Torbiere - Torre del Lago Puccini (LU)
Tel. +39 0584 350567 - Fax +39 0584 341657

Ravello Foundation
Sala Frau - Viale Richard Wagner 5 - Ravello (Sa) 
Tel.  +39 089 858360 - Fax +39 089 8586278 

Ravenna Festival 
Via Dante Alighieri 1 -  Ravenna
Tel.  +39 0544 249211 - Fax +39 0544 36303 

Roccella Jazz 
Jonica Cultural Association (non-profit)
tel/fax: +39 06 3222896 - +39 0964 863399

Rossini Opera Festival 
Via Rossini, 24 - Pesaro
Tel.  +39 0721 38001 Fax +39 0721 3800220

Presso Agis in Via di Villa Patrizi, 10 - Rome
Tel. +39 06 884731 – Fax: +39 06 4404254