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Literary Festivals

The season of the literary festival in Italy lasts for 12 months of the year. Already a well-tested and innovative formula approved by the publishing houses and certainly approved by book lovers and the public in general, the book festival scene aims to highlight writers known on both a national and international level, as well as to currently emerging ones. 
The panorama of these types of events that follow one after another throughout the Peninsula all year-round varies in terms of theme, style, location and buying and selling opportunities. 
Literary and book festivals often represent a distinct merging between the realities of culture and of the event. 

The Festival della Filosofia in Modena

The festival is a unique opportunity for an author, whether just coming into fame or already well-known, can engage in direct contact with the public. 
Diverse in their histories and origins, yet born as initiatives by intellectuals, foundations and/or book agents, literary festivals are by now regular points of reference in the conversation on Italian narrative. 

Some of the leading festivals, also highly-consolidated in their long-standing histories, are the Turin Book Salon (Salone del Libro di Torino), the fair for small and mid-size editors Più libri più liberi (“More Books, More Freedom”) in Rome, the Literature Festival of Mantua and Lucca's LuccAutori, the International Poetry Festival of Genoa and that organized by the Italian Magazine Internazionale in Ferrara.

Next to such literary landmarks, events that mark out the details of a particular location also stand out. 
Hosted in small villages, or in evocative piazzas, these events as well are some of the rare diamonds on the Italian literary calendar. 

Cortina d'Ampezzo, for example, holds an event dedicated to literature, debates, theatre and music in traditional spaces such as its “Poste” and and in its new “Conchiglia” stage in Piazza Venezia. 

Moving south along the Italian boot to the shining sea towns of Tuscany and Romagna until arriving in the Marches and Abruzzo, innumerable encounters with authors take place all over each region. 
To begin with, the highly-attended showcase Capalbio Books is an annual affair that lights up the heart of the Medieval borgo of Capalbio. From the Tyrrhenian Coast to the Adriatic. In San Benedetto del TrontoWriters Under the Stars is the not-to-miss literary date, always in summer, and always on the shores of the sea.

The Capital’s requisite literary event is Letterature, Festival Internazionale di Rome, highly-renowned and every year held in the Basilica of Maxentius in the Roman Forum. 
Then, leaving the boot entirely and ending up in Palermo’s splendid Steri Palace, independent editors are the catch of the day in Una Marina di Libri (A Marina of Books).

Throughout the Bel Paese, a long list of festivals runs the gamut of genres: from science and philosophy to noir and comics, and more. 
Genoa has affirmed itself as an important spot for scientific exchange, while ModenaCarpi and Sassuolo have become philosophy capitals in their own right with FestivalfilosofiaCourmayeur dedicates space to literatures both yellow and noir during Noir in Festival, and Trent puts economic monographs and themed debates  under the spotlight for its Trent Economy Festival.

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