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Amusement Parks

Italy has much to offer in the way of pure amusement and fun. 
While adrenaline enthusiasts can take a stab at wild and record-breaking rollercoasters and watercoasters, the following parks hold attractions for all ages, even the very young: magic worlds, educational experiences, parades and performances that create unforgettable moments. Blue Tornado - Gardaland - cc Spancer77 - FlickrIn the Veneto Region, at Castelnuovo del Garda, we can find Italy’s famous Gardaland, one of the biggest theme parks in the country. Gardaland’s “Raptor” coaster ranks second in all of Europe for its number of loops, with 15 overturns or “upside-downs” at a speed of 55 mph. Other rides in the park are "Space Vertigo,” the adrenaline rush “Blue Tornado” and the vertiginous “Magic Mountain.” 
Gardaland also allows visitors to prolong their visit until 11 PM to experience its rides and attractions “By Night.” 
Its vicinity to Lake Garda and to Verona also means that visitors can plan several fantastic excursions all in one area. 

In Ravenna (Emilia-Romagna), fun-seekers can visit Mirabilandia. Among this theme park’s newest amusements, we can find “Divertical,” the tallest water coaster in the world - 197 ft in height and 68 mph.
The Katun, in all of its 3,937 ft, is the longest inverted coaster in Europe; featuring 360° loops and a speed of 68.4 mph, it is a must for anyone who enjoys the thrill of adventure and excitement. 
Those more intent on relaxation, rather, will find it at Mirabilandia Beach, with its dreamy white-sand beaches and lagoon-pool, as well as a vast range of water slides. 
Visitors sojourning in this “City of Mosaics” should take our advice and enjoy its stupendous paleochristian religious monuments.

Moving through the Region of Emilia-Romagna to Viserba di Rimini, you can see what Italy looks like in miniature. Dedicated to the Bel Paese’s history, architecture and cultural heritage, Italia in Miniatura boasts more than 270 scale reproductions of both Italy’s and Europe’s beauties and wonders. 
Inside the park, decide between navigating a gondola through the canals of Venice's Canal Grande (on a scale of 1:5), learning through fun at the Science Fun Fair, or recreating yourself in miniature with YouMini, and much more! Children also have their own place to play at DeA Village, with entertainment, games and workshops. Interested in a cultural visit to nearby Rimini? Those passionate about art history should not miss the chance to see the Tempio Malatestiano, in addition to the Arch of Augustus and the archaeological complex at the Domus del Chirurgo (Surgeons' House). 

In Lazio, in Valmontone lies Rainbow MagicLand: a mix of magical fun, fantasy and emotions.
Castles, fairies and witches await in a park with 36 different attractions for the entire family, plus 10 performances and concerts everyday. 
The launch coaster “Shock” will get your adrenaline going with an initial push that takes it from 0 to 100 km and a heigh of 115 ft in just 3 seconds. After, try out other rides like “Mistika” and “Cagliostro.”
of course children’s amusements are never lacking at this theme park, and neither are the scariest rides for daredevils: the “Yucatan,” a Maya-themed water course comes to mind, as does “Le Rapide,” a 1,575 ft-long river rapid ride. 

Useful Information

Useful Information

Via Derna, 4 – Castelnuovo del Garda – Verona – Veneto
Full Price: 37.50 €
Reduced Price: 31 € (10 years and under, and Over 65)

Strada Statale 16 Adriatica, exit at km 162  - Ravenna – Emilia-Romagna
Full Price, Two-Day Ticket: 34 €
Reduced-Price, Two-Day Ticket: 28 € (Children Under 10 Years of Age and under 140 cm (4'5") tall; Over 65) 

Italy in Miniature
Via Popilia, 239 - Rimini – Emilia-Romagna
Full Price: 22 €, Enter Free the second day
Reduced Price: 16 €, Enter Free the second day

Rainbow Magic Land
Via della Pace - Valmontone - Roma
Full Price: 35 €
Reduced Price: 28 € (10 years and under; Over 65)
Evening Ticket: 20 € (beginning 6 PM)
Children under 100 cm (3'3") tall enter Free.