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Business and Study

Sapienza University of RomeItaly, Territory of Excellence 

Italy is the ideal destination for business tourism: many international airports, appropriate infrastructures and breathtaking landscapes. It’s no wonder that the Bel Paese stands out as the favorite place for congressional tourism. Its amazing regions offer a wide range of choices throughout the year: both large and small cities have new, high-quality structures for national and international fairs, making it possible to discover the charm of Italy in the time not strictly dedicated to business.

The Bel Paese is an excellent choice of location for congresses, meetings and conventions. The Italian territory boasts numerous congress centres suitable for any kind of event, with modern and prestigious structures equipped with everything you need to make your congress successful: hotels, and specialized infrastructures and services that guarantee high-quality service. Italy provides the best backdrops for a great congress: from the capital, Rome, to the exciting Milan, without forgetting other cities such as Turin, Rimini, and its many cities of art, to name but a few. That is not all – meetings can also be organized in the many locations around the wonderful Italian lakes, rivieras, or mountain sites. As a choice Italy is an all round winner. 

Italy offers prestigious structures and innumerable events throughout the year. Its art, culture, and scenery , provide the perfect backdrop for motivational trips that are enriched by its beauty and comfortable facilities.

Industrial archaeology

Italy’s industrial archaeology attracts many tourists who want to discover its economic, productive, technical and scientific history. . This country is an extraordinary repository of fascinating resources that are of great interest for this type of tourism, and help in understanding the historic evolution of individual areas. .Its big industrial centres, situated both in North and in South Italy, are concrete evidence of the economic history of Italy and the Mediterranean: the tourism sector devoted to industrial archaeology is growing rapidly, and . Italy, with its many types of industry, is an ideal destination to be explored and discovered.

Study tours

Of all the destinations proposed for study tours, Italy certainly stands out for the immense variety of programmes and for the quality of its hospitality . Every year, numerous Italian Universities welcome thousands of students from all over the world, organizing courses at various levels and encouraging participants to learn the language or explore the vast, fascinating world of Italian art and culture. The typical Italian hospitality is of great help to foreigners who want to learn the language, including its common expressions and colloquial speech. Italy is the ideal place for a vacation dedicated to education and fun, because it gives visitors an experience full of cultural, but also personal, enrichment.

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