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Italian Villages

The Italian "Borghi"

The Italian Villages are places where our traditions are born. Precious jewel boxes where our lifestyle characteristics of conviviality, unity and sharing are preserved.
Civita di Bagnoregio, Viterbo - Lazio
To discover these hamlets means fully immersing yourself in the marvel of these hidden territories. The walls that encircle them and the narrow streets that cross them are testimony of a culture that is perpetuated and transmitted by their inhabitants. To visit a “borgo” means to experience in full the beauty of works of art, churches, museums and architectural styles combined with unexpected encounters, convivial moments and delicious food in a small universe of a human scale. It’s a journey of discovery that has to be taken slowly and that allows you to re-discover the closeness with the environment that is often lost in big cities.

The “borghi” preserve the local identity, knowledge and trades, a tangible and intangible heritage unique in the world. These small villages are able to elevate the quality of any trip as they put the travellers in direct contact with the local communities and give them an understanding of the origins of the place and the desire that these customs should be preserved and respected. The “borghi” can represent a tool of personal enrichment for the traveller and create new forms of sustainable tourism, in harmony with the distinctive rhythms of these small villages, capable of giving an authentic experience in direct contact with nature and history.

From North to South Italy is dotted with “borghi” and following their footprints every traveller can follow his unique personal itinerary according to his interests: art, history, food and wine, traditions, culture and events.

It’s perhaps a less know Italy but at the same time surprising and fascinating.

Let’s discover it together:

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