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Sermoneta, Jewel of Italy

Sermoneta is one of the best-preserved Medieval villages in Italy. Called Sulmo in Antiquity, it is even cited by Virgil in his tale of The Aeneid
Located in the Province of Latina, and just a few miles from the Via Appia (37 miles from Rome) it rises up on a hill at 843 feet above sea level, dominating over the Pontine Plain. Its fortunes began at the end of the 1200s, when the Caetani Family became the governing authority and erected its imposing castle.SermonetaSermoneta eventually became the principal center of a vast fief, and even flowered in artistic and cultural terms. Illustrious sovereigns and pontiffs stayed in the Castello Caetani (still intact today) through the centuries. 

In the present day, Sermoneta still preserves its immense historical, artistic and cultural heritage. Sermoneta’s characteristics – tortuous but picturesque streets, intriguing monuments and an overall calm – make it ideal for a vacation or even a brief visit, especially for those who want to travel back in time. It is such an attractive village, it served as the set for 86 Italian and international films between 1909 and 2012. Its most celebrated events include the Sagra della Polenta (Polenta Fair), the Pontine Music Festival, and the Reenactment of the Battle of Lepanto