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Wine Experience by Mondodelvino

15.06.2019 - 31.12.2019

Wine holds memories and dreams

Wine Experience Mondodelvino

Wine Experience Mondodelvino

Wine Experience is born: a place to immerse oneself in the world of wine through multi-sensory experiences, interaction and games.  A journey to discover the history of wine and winemaking, up to the development of the "nectar of the gods" once bottled through the various areas; introduction to the world of wine told by the greatest of narrators, Ulysses, wine territories, varieties, winemaking methods, sustainability, sensory analysis, wine & food.  Wine Experience by Mondodelvino is an interactive, virtual, digital journey in which the organoleptic experience of the nose and palate is enriched with culture and knowledge involving sight, hearing and knowledge.  

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Piedmont - Priocca (Cuneo