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Girotonno 2013

30.05.2013 - 02.06.2013

The Sardinian Island of San Pietro hosts the 11th edition of its celebrated Girotonno!

Promontory and Lighthouse on Capo Sandalo

Promontory and Lighthouse on Capo Sandalo

The culture surrounding tuna (tonno) is an historic trait of Carloforte and its environs, that every year celebrates Girotonno. By now in its 11th edition, Girotonno – Uomini, storie e sapori sulle rotte del tonno (trans. as "Man, History, and Cuisine in the Tuna's Wake"), runs on the Island of San Pietro (southwest of SardiniaProvince of Carbonia-Iglesias) May 30th – June 2nd. 
Four days of events and encounters tied to the cultural, artistic and enogastronomic traditions, as well as music and entertainment, conferences and debates will speak to the area’s ancient fishing tradition, particularly of bluetailed fish, the king of the Mediterranean. 

This international fair is also in part a cooking contest between world-famous chefs and gastronomes from Argentina, France, Japan, Mauritius, Spain and, of course, Italy - with journalists and connoisseurs of Mediterranean food looking on. Carloforte is also in the running for the title "Capital of Quality Tuna," given its prized local catch (during the event, fishermen will display their skills with the tuna-fishing nets just off the Island). 
Also during the gastronomic competition (a favorite throughout the Mediterranean), the ancient land of Sulcis Iglesiente welcomes all to learn about and taste these singular traditions – knowledge that continues to be passed down orally from fisherman to fisherman.  

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Where: Carloforte - Island of San Pietro
Province: Carbonia- Iglesias
Region: Sardinia